gold's gym stride trainer 350i

Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 350i

The Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 350i is an elliptical machine instructor which is similar to the ProForm 7.0 RE. It is actually an elliptical trainer with back travel, with a lot of good features. It’s certainly not an office-grade style, however, it has a durable construction.

Before our experts wage the presentation of its attributes and features, there is actually one facet to which needs to be cleared up. This is the Gold’s Gym 350i, the latest design, the one that features an iFit suitable console. The much older 350 design does certainly not possess this function.


Technical Features and also Characteristics

  1. Assembled sizes: 54L x 26W x 63H ins (137L x 66W x 160H centimeters).
  2. Assembled weight: 116 pounds (52.6 kilograms).
  3. Weight limitation: 250 pounds (113.3 kilograms).
  4. Stride: 14 inches (35.5 centimeters).
  5. Slope: No.
  6. Handlebars: Both mobile phones and also predetermined (along with rhythm sensors).
  7. Protection device: Magnetic, electric motor-assisted, 12 levels.
  8. Console: 8 workout possibilities.
  9. Service warranty: Parts 90 times / Labor 90 days.

golds gym elliptical 350


Parts and framework

The framing of the Gold’s Health club 350i elliptical private trainer is in fact made from steel. When entirely assembled, the golds gym stride trainer 350 is actually somewhat substantial, with an overall body weight greater than 110 extra pounds. Therefore, transportation, as well as set up, could ask for a set of folks. However, placing gold’s health club 350i elliptical while it is designed shouldn’t be in fact also tough, as the frontal base includes a set or even rollers. The back foundation of the gold’s fitness center stride trainer 350 combines a compilation of adaptable backings, along with rubber hats, which provide a wonderful keep the flooring, boosting the equipment’s overall stability. Compared to several other elliptical trainer styles, including the SOLE E55 or maybe Livestrong LS13.0E-2, this details concept is in fact moderately much smaller sized. It has a footprint of 54 ″ L x 26 ″ W (137 x 66 centimeters) as well as likewise should help make a better collection for a much smaller area or flat or even apartment.

It goes without stating, a lot of parts within the property and also the construction of the gold’s health and fitness center stride trainer 350i elliptical frame are actually crafted from steel. The only non-metallic parts are really the balance wheel as well as pulley-block shields, the pedals, as well as also the console. Steel components are actually surface split in addition to corrosion-resistant coating, black for the upper arms in addition to pedal pubs, as well as also silver for the console post.

The pedals of the golds gym 350 ellipticals are really essential, and likewise non-adjustable. They also don’t have any sort of kind of articulation for added effect reducing for the ankles. Nevertheless, the pedaling motion still is in fact rather soft and additionally alongside a pretty reduced effect on the junctions. The pedals are actually designed coming from long-lasting, heavy-duty nylon material product, and also massive adequate to accommodate footwear of all measurements. The pedal pubs are actually, naturally, steel-made, and likewise combine closed round bearings for continuous consumption.

This gold gym 350 elliptical exerciser coach includes a pair of selections of handlebars: mobile phone as well as also taken care of. The dealt with pubs blend stainless-steel rhythm sensing devices, therefore through maintaining them, the console can easily observe your heart cost. The mobile handlebars feature a multi-grip style, giving the opportunity to assume different exercise session positions.


Stride as well as step-up height

The Gold’s Health and fitness center 350i is actually elliptical exerciser equipment along with an instead fast, 14″ (35.5 centimeters) stride. This implies it’s undoubtedly not specifically the best choice for a taller customer. In a different way placed, if you more than 6 ′ high, you may demand a gadget which provides an 18″ (45.7 centimeters) or longer stride, therefore concerning make use of an adequate selection of activity. However, nonetheless, this elliptical machine fitness instructor is actually still practical by taller clients. Possessing claimed that, just in case you’re taller than 6 ′, your physical exercises on this equipment will surely possess a whole lot, even more, concentrate on your glutes and likewise extensor muscle mass.

The height of the pedals in their closest stance to the flooring is really 8″ (20.3 cm). To put it simply, the tools’ step-up elevation is 8″. Having said that, at their highest point originating from the flooring, the pedals stand up at approximately 20″ (51 centimeters). As a result, to prevent any type of ceiling altitude associated problems, ascertain that the roofing system in the room where you’ll be really utilizing the devices is actually above your height, plus 22-23 inches.

One final part to point out detailed right here is actually that this golds gym stride trainer 350i carries out certainly not possess an incline system. So, if you are in fact hunting for one in addition to slope, among the most budget helpful that you must have a look at, is really the Schwinn 430.

gold's gym stride trainer 350


Protection (Resistance) as well as drive

This golds gym elliptical stride trainer credits a magnetic, motor-assisted protection system. To place it simply, its security system is composed of a magnetic balance wheel as well as a little servo electrical motor, which takes care of the magnets’ pull for the balance wheel. The resistance is altered solely coming from the console, and likewise, there are in fact 12 volumes supplied. The 1st 6 amounts do not deliver too much protection.

Nonetheless, security starts to end up being apparent above the 7th level. Also, together with the 12th defense system, additionally, an individual with the amount of exercise higher than standard, require to really feel the shed within thighs, glutes and additionally hamstrings.

Although the gold’s health and fitness center elliptical device consists of a powerful motor, it’s not A/C powered. The console, as well as the power motor, are actually powered by 4x AA-type batteries. The intake is in fact low having mentioned that. A compilation of 4 batteries should last for a minimum required of numerous months.

When it regards its traveling unit, this Gold’s Health club elliptical machine fitness instructor includes a back ride, belt-powered, using a sturdy v-belt. The pulley is actually wider in size than the flywheel, and also it is actually not metallic, being crafted from a somewhat powerful polymer. The crank arms are actually constructed from sound steel though, and the maker can quickly hold users around 250 extra pounds (113 kilograms).

The pedaling motion supplied through this elliptical machine personal trainer is actually definitely hassle-free as well as peaceful. Hence, it is actually the best device for home to make use of.

Just in case you’re thinking about, pedaling backward it is actually achievable for this stride trainer. As well as when pedaling backward it preserves the existing protection setup. Also, the console continues to track proximity, opportunity devoted working out and also the other worths, equally as you would pedal ordinarily.



The console system provided along with the Gold’s Health and fitness center Stride Trainer 350i has much more to give than an essential one. To start with, it uses 8 pre-set exercise systems, which instantly adjust the resistance on the pedals. Each plan possesses its own quick-key on the console.

The display screen is a 5 ″ LCD type, with big digits. It tracks time, velocity, range, heart fee, watts, fats melted. The distance can be tracked in kilometers or even km, while velocity is readily available in Miles Per Hour or even km/h. The current protection amount is additionally presented on a display screen.

However, maybe among the most effective functions that this golds gym elliptical 350 may supply is it’s iFit being compatible. It possesses an integrated iFit module as well as you can easily link it via Bluetooth along with your iOS or Android gadget, in order to report and track your workout session data. Nonetheless, you’ll require an iFit membership for this.

Likewise, since it is actually Bluetooth qualified, the console can likewise use Bluetooth center rate transmitters for rhythm reading, just in case you don’t wish to use the sensing units on the static pubs.

In regards to conveniences, the console includes a tablet holder, which is attached to its leading. It may suit any tablets or journals. The console does not possess its personal stereo or even cooling ventilator. Having said that, its article is actually geared up along with bottle holder.

golds gym stride trainer 350

Assembly and Maintenance

Although assembly is not difficult to carry out, it may take up to an hour. The flywheel, pulley, and motor come fully assembled, attached to the frame and enclosed by the plastic guards. Thus for assembly, you will need to attach the machine’s base bars, the console post, connect the wires, attach the fixed handlebars, then the console, attach the pedal bars with the pedals, and finally the mobile handlebars. An assembly manual that will guide you step-by-step through the process is included. An Allen wrench is also included, but you’ll also need an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver which are not supplied.

Maintenance may require to lubricate the joints of the machine’s arms, in case they develop squeaking noises. The internal parts come lubricated from the factory and they don’t require any further lubrication. If you want to see gold’s gym stride trainer 350 manual, you can simply find it on the Net.


The Advantages

  • Solid frame, study overall construction with a user capacity of 250 pounds;
  • Narrow Q-factor, eliminating any lateral stress on the knees;
  • Fixed arms incorporating pulse sensors;
  • Mobile arms with an ergonomic, multi-grip design;
  • Balanced flywheel for a smooth pedaling motion;
  • 8 levels of resistance;
  • 12 preset workouts;
  • iFit compatible;
  • Bluetooth HR transmitter compatible;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Extremely quiet operation;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Disadvantages

  • Rather short stride, only 14 ″.

Final word

The Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 350i is a mid-range elliptical machine, designed for home use. It offers 12 levels of quiet, motor-assisted, magnetic resistance, and 8 onboard programs, along with iFit compatibility. Its frame is steel-made, sturdy enough to support users up to 250 lbs. It’s an excellent machine for cardio training, building stamina, and losing weight. It can actually help you burn up to 5-600 calories per hour if using a resistance setting over 6-7. Finally, this model costs less than $350, which is quite a fair price for a machine with automatic resistance and iFit connectivity.

We hope our gold gym elliptical review helped you a lot and now you know more about this device and can decide whether it is a perfect choice for you or not. If you want some more info about other devices that can help you to keep fit, check the rest of our articles and you will definitely find the ideal one.

stride trainer 350i

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