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ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The CSX 235 is one of the most cost-effective recumbent bikes produced by ProForm, and likewise some of the absolute most economical bikes along with an automated protection unit. It is certainly not specifically the greatest ProForm recumbent stationary bicycle, it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, and while reading this top review you are gonna know all of them. For reference, this is the ProForm recumbent exercise bike under the number PFEX52715, among the devices launched in 2015. Here you will find a more detailed ProForm bike review and compare this model with ProForm 460 recumbent cycle or, in other words, ProForm 460 recumbent bike.

Technical Features and Characteristics

  1. Set up measurements: 56L x 24W x 44H inches (142L x 61W x 112H centimeters).
  2. Freight body weight: 102 pounds (46.2 kilograms).
  3. Weight capacity: 275 pounds (125 kg).
  4. Seat: Adjustable.
  5. Pedals: With adjustable bands.
  6. Protection: Eddy present, 18 levels.
  7. Drive: Belt.
  8. Console: 18 workout plans.
  9. Additions: Stereo, tablet holder, container holder.
  10. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Frame 7 years, Components 90 times.


Mount construction

The ProForm 235 CSX recumbent bike includes a steel frame with a durable building and construction, capable to tolerate customers approximately 275 pounds (125 kilograms). The base of the frame along with the console pole and also the frame of the seating attribute a black coating finish which is deterioration resistant. The modification rail of the seating, however, includes a gray appearance. The ProForm recumbent bike’s construction also includes numerous plastic components, these being actually the casing of the console and also the covers of the resistance body.
This stationary bicycle is not incredibly heavy; having said that, compared with a street recumbent bike, it weighs approx. twice as a lot. Its own body weight joins 100 pounds, and this weight includes quite a bit of reliability. Plus, the back foundation bar is geared up with a set of flexible levelers.
The relocation of the assembled unit isn’t also difficult, in spite of its own weight. Its own main bottom limits spin as well as can work as transportation wheels.
The constructed system is reasonably sizable; its constructed span is actually approximately 56″ (142 centimeters), while its own width is actually 2′ (61 centimeters). Several other resources state that the ProForm 235csx bike’s height is actually 61″ (155 centimeters) which is certainly not the truth. Its own highest point is actually given by the peak of the console and also gets to approximately 44″ (112 centimeters) above the flooring degree. Alongside these measurements, ProForm highly recommends assigning a consumption space for the unit of a minimum required of 2 feet throughout it.
One final component to state right here concerns the ProForm recumbent exercise bike’s step-through concept. This may be a very practical feature for customers with disabilities or even elderly consumers as it offers effortless access to the seat.

proform recumbent exercise bike

A chair as well as handlebars

The ProForm 235 CSX recumbent bike is actually outfitted with an ergonomic seat. Both the seating and also the backrest attribute a 2″ coating of froth extra padding, with long-lasting plastic furniture. Additionally, its own bottom frame, as well as change rail, are durable enough to hold users around 275 lbs (125 kg).
The whole seat assembly is actually flexible. It can easily proceed or in reverse on its own rail as well as you can easily lock it in the wanted posture through the bar on the right side. If you want to know, the backrest can certainly not be readjusted independently coming from the chair as for the LifeCore 860RB for instance. It the rail along with the entire seat assembly.
The bike has a pair of sets of handlebars, one connected to the seat, and also one connected to the console mast. Both handlebar sets are actually non-adjustable. They have actually rubberized holds for added comfort and also the main handlebars additionally have combined rhythm sensing units.
Currently, there are two major downsides to mention. The first one regards the rhythm sensors. There would have been a much better positioning for all of them in the seat handlebars certainly not in the front handlebars. However, considering that the console pole comes rather close to the consumer, securing the front handlebars isn’t also uncomfortable as for various other bikes.
The other disadvantage relates to the placement of the front handlebars. Many consumers, 5’8″ (172 centimeters) or even taller, have mentioned that they have been actually striking them with their legs throughout workouts. Therefore, our experts don’t recommend this ProForm recumbent exercise bicycle to individuals taller than 5’7″ (170 centimeters).

Protection and drive

The ProForm 235 CSX stationary bicycle features an eddy current protection device which is composed of a little servo motor and a magnetic brake. As a result, the console requires 4 D-type electric batteries to work, which are actually certainly not consisted of. The bike can also be actually powered through an adapter which is additionally certainly not consist of.
The bike’s resistance can simply be actually changed coming from the +/- buttons on the console. As you change the resistance, the servo-electric motor alters the position of the magnetic brake in relation to the balance wheel, which boosts or even reduces the intensity of the inner magnetic field strength. Through this, the pedal resistance is also improved or even reduced.
Like the majority of various other bikes with a magnetic protection body, there is actually no connect between the brake pad and also the flywheel. Therefore, the use of the bike creates nearly no sound.
This ProForm exercise bike supplies 18 levels of resistance. The lesser levels (1-3) give quite a little bit of pedal tension, being great for consumers along with handicaps or even users who call for recuperation training. The 17-18 amounts of resistance, alternatively, imitate a steep climb and deliver the opportunity to conduct a more intense cardio workout session as well as leg muscle mass burn.
Like many other exercise bikes equipped with a magnetic resistance system, the ProForm 235 CSX includes a belt disk system. Its own inner transmission combines a heavy-duty poly-v belt, which is actually stretch-resistant, produced to last for several years of utilization. Just like some other belt disk unit, it includes 3 principal benefits. Firstly, you don’t must lube it; secondly, it produces a lot less resonance than an establishment; and thirdly, it gives you an entirely soundless “travel”.
The bike’s inner flywheel is actually inertia-enhanced. In other words, the majority of its own weight is placed in its perimeter, if you want to supply an extra regular drive as well as a steadier motion. It measures 14 lbs (6.3 kg), which is a mid-range weight for a recumbent bike.
The crankset features solid steel crank arms. However, since this is a recumbent bike, it is actually certainly not created rising on the pedals. Each pedal are actually weighted as well as include a non-slip area. They are actually geared up along with adjustable bands to wonderfully secure your feet during pedaling.

proform 235 csx



The ProForm 235 CSX recumbent bike includes a quite exceptional console for this rate selection. To start with, it has an LCD present along with blue LED backlight. The screen is actually separated right into three main sections. The leading area suggests velocity in revolutions per minute (RPM), the electrical power result in watts, as well as your center fee when you make use of the handlebar sensing units. It additionally reveals the resistance level for a few secs when you modify it. The show shows each one of these metrics for many seconds.
The center segment of the display screen presents range and opportunity. The range can be prepared either in miles or kilometers. Additionally, if objective market value is actually set for time, the screen is going to present the amount of time remaining for achieving that target as opposed to the passed opportunity. These two metrics are going to be actually shown as an alternative, each one for a handful of seconds. And there is almost no chance of ProForm exercise bike display not working.
The bottom area of the screen shows pedaling velocity and also calories gotten rid of. You may set up the system to indicate speed either in kmh or even miles per hour. Just like for the middle and leading segment of the show, the speed and also calories metrics are going to be actually rotated, each one is actually shown for a handful of few seconds.
The console system does not possess any online link functionalities. Nonetheless, it has 18 predetermined exercise programs in its memory. They’re divided in two categories: Watts Workouts and also Fat Workouts. The Watts Workouts concentrate on resistance and also watts, while the Calorie Workouts concentrate on protection and also velocity. Each system group possesses its personal button on the console. When you pick a pre-specified exercise, the ProForm recumbent exercise bike is going to auto-adjust resistance depending upon each one of the course portions.
In addition to the fitness-oriented functions, the console also includes a pair of add-ons. One is the sound system, the various other is the tablet owner. The sound system features a pair of tiny audio speakers put on all-time low of the device. There is actually an audio port input on the console as well as controls for audio intensity. The unit is compatible with the majority of cell phones, tablets, or MP3 players. The tablet holder is actually put over the system’s controls. It may suit most tablet computers or even phones. However, a tablet placed on it will certainly deal with the console screen a minimum of partially.


Installation and Maintenance

The inner components, consisting of the servo-electric motor, the balance wheel, the belt, the pulley-block, and also the crank arms are currently constructed as well as attached to the primary structure. Hence, you merely have to affix the base bars, the seating, the backrest, the console pole, the handlebars, the console as well as the pedals. This might use up to a hr. A fundamental toolkit is featured, but you are going to need to have a Phillips screwdriver. The guide gives all the important relevant information and also schematics for the unit’s installation.
For routine maintenance, you merely have to check the bike for any type of loosened bolts and also parts from opportunity to time and also get rid of the dirt from it. The inner parts do not call for lubrication or even every other servicing, at least not for a handful of years of utilization.

proform 235 csx recumbent exercise bike


The Advantages

  • Sturdy frame – can easily assist consumers approximately 275 pounds;
  • Changeable backings on the rear bottom;
  • Step-through concept;
  • Foam-padded chair and backrest;
  • Changeable seat;
  • Rhythm sensors included in to the main handlebars;
  • Quiet swirl existing protection device with 18 tension amounts;
  • Weighted pedals along with changeable straps;
  • Three-panel LCD show console with blue LED backlight;
  • 18 exercise courses offered;
  • Stereo featured;
  • Tablet computer holder consisted of;
  • Container owner featured;
  • A little bit of routine maintenance required;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

The Disadvantages

  • Front handlebars too low for individuals taller than 5′ 8″;
  • Electric batteries are not consisted of;
  • An electrical power adapter is actually certainly not consisted of;
  • A tablet computer placed on the tablet holder is going to deal with the console screen.



The ProForm 235 CSX is a mid-range recumbent bike including an automated magnetic resistance system along with 18 tension degrees and a console with 18 predetermined workout plans. It is actually outfitted with a comfy as well as an adjustable place. It’s sturdy enough to support individuals as much as 275 pounds. It is actually great for lighting to tool strength cardio workouts, weight management, endurance development, recovery instruction, and also muscle toning. And also finally, it is just one of the most inexpensive recumbent bikes with a mechanized magnetic resistance unit. And we hope our ProForm recumbent bike reviews have helped you to know more about this device and decide whether it is a perfect choice for or not.

proform recumbent bike

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