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The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Review

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical is a spending plan pleasant property physical fitness machine created to supply a secure, low-impact workout. With its portable measurements and reasonable inquiring price, the Teeter FreeStep is actually rapidly becoming one of the more preferred recumbents around. However just because of something’s budget-friendly, does not indicate it’s worth purchasing. And without any doubts, it is one of the best teeter freestep reviews you have ever seen and after reading that you will definitely want to try freestep recumbent cross trainer.

My objective for this testimonial is to give a detailed check out what this recumbent cross trainer needs to deliver. By discussing the vital specifications, our experts can make an unprejudiced analysis of this machine’s premium (or even lack of).

If you are actually unfamiliar with recumbents, no fears. Let us begin with a quick intro to obtain everybody as much as rate.


Recumbent Cross Trainers 101

Unless you’ve ever spent some time in a therapy medical clinic, you might not know what a recumbent cross fitness instructor is. Although a ton of industrial health and fitness centers have all of them currently too. This is excellent, considering that they actually do offer a wonderful reduced impact workout session. Yet I progress of myself.

A recumbent cross fitness instructor (or even “recumbent”, as I’ll refer to all of them from now on) is what you receive when you incorporate a recumbent bike as well as an elliptical fitness instructor.

If you’ve ever before used a Nu-Step, that’s a recumbent. Nu-Step generated the very first recumbent equipment for therapy clinics and they are actually still going tough. They additionally offer residence devices, yet be actually readied to pay a king’s ransom for one (a whole lot of pretty pennies).

This fitness equipment fits to make use of, considering that you are actually partaking a recumbent position with your back properly supported- just like on a recumbent bike.



Yet instead of pedaling in a rounded motion, your legs are entering an even more direct, to and fro activity. Kinda like a stepper. Your upper arms additionally receive involved along with the featured manages.

Like an elliptical, this exercise action is a really low impact. Even more low impact than an elliptical machine considering that you are actually settled.

This is why these makers have become so well-known in treatment facilities and rehab settings: they provide a mode of cardio as well as strengthening workout that is actually safe and pleasant to carry out. Even folks with joint inflammation and throbbing joints may commonly workout sessions on a recumbent pretty conveniently.

Due to their popularity, residence fitness devices providers have started generating property versions. It makes good sense. House variations are often a little smaller sized, a little bit of less costly, and a little bit of a lot less strong.

Ok, once you’ve been adequately introduced, on the Teeter FreeStep.


Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter business was started by Roger Teeter, an engineer that began making contradiction dining tables after he had discovered first handedly the pain-relieving benefits. Teeter still concentrates on inversion tables as well as other products created to strengthen spinal column health.

Their FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer belongs to their “stablizing” collection- a group of items designed to boost muscles in an effort to steer clear of injury, as well as keep you accommodate as well as energetic.

This device possesses a footprint of 54 ″ (L) x 38 ″ (W) and weighs about 110 pounds completely set up.

teeter freestep reviews

Advantages of the teeter exercise machine

  • Treaty size
  • Cost-effective price
  • Reduced impact, linear pedal activity
  • Adjustable seat
  • Quiet, magnetic protection
  • Changeable manages
  • Easy to move (built-in transport tires).

Disadvantages of the teeter exercise equipment

  • Poor manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No exercise courses.


The Teeter Free Step includes a fairly adjustable seat. It permits you to change the height and also slope openings individually, which is actually a wonderful feature because it gives you a better possibility of locating a comfortable fit.

Some users where a little bit of shocked they could not individually adjust the straight as well as upright openings of the chair. This is true, there is actually just one elevation modification accessible. Yet if you take a look at the perspective of the seat post- it’s certainly not completely upright, implying you are raising or even reducing the horizontal stance a little too any time you change the seat position.

teeter free step

That makes feeling if you take a look at the perspective of the pedals.

In regards to seat convenience, there are actually contrasting viewpoints. The basic opinion is actually that the seat may be softer, yet users more than happy with the dimension of the seat. The chair on the FreeStep is significantly bigger than a standard stationary bicycle seat, which will certainly increase convenience during the course of use.

Incidentally, depending on to Teeter, this recumbent can rest any individual between 4′ 11″– 6′ 6 ″ high.

Some consumers had problems with the backrest certainly not keeping in the area during make use of. This isn’t normal as well as are going to be actually taken care of by Teeter if it occurs within the warranty period.


Pedal Motion

Recumbent cross personal trainers may possess either a linear of round pedal motion. Recumbents typically have a much straighter, stepping like the activity because it is actually typically a lot more comfortable, especially for arthritic legs and hips.

The FreeStep uses a straight pedal movement. This is a benefit since it will put a lot less stress and anxiety with your lower body joints. It is actually likewise a pleasurable shock because most of the more inexpensive recumbents used a more circular style.

The pedals on their own are actually large enough to comfortably suit your footwear. If you watch the video clip over, you’ll see that the pedals return and also forth a little bit of along with your ankle joint as you press – this is really good due to the fact that it will definitely feel a lot more pleasant than if the pedals were solid and nailed down the location.

try freestep


Recumbents aren’t recognized for possessing a lot of fancy features, as well as the FreeStep isn’t any different. Listed here’s what you can count on to follow with this style though:

teeter freestep recumbent cross trainer

  • Magnetic Protection – this recumbent possesses a silent, magnetic protection system that is conveniently adjusted through switching a dial near the chair. Terrific attribute, yet some customers have commented that it might utilize more protection to deliver a more daunting workout session.
  • Adjustable Takes care of – the higher physical body takes care of can be adapted to emphasize various muscle teams during the course of usage. For example, you can spin the handle of the device if you desire to concentrate on arms vs triceps, or breast vs back.
  • Digital Console – this recumbent comes with a tiny, battery functioned digital console. Nothing fancy below, however it is handy for tracking a few vital workout statistics: opportunity, span, velocity, and also calories.
  • Gadget Stand – I’m surprised all fitness equipment does not feature this set in these times, but they do not. This easy little bit of function can easily produce your workout sessions far more enjoyable. If you possess a tablet computer (or phone), you can set it up as well as watch a movie or even pay attention to songs while you exercise. The tablet won’t obstruct the screen either, which is nice.
  • Water Bottle Owner- I know this is actually a real video game changer for ya, however, do not fret, yes, there is a water bottle holder!


Setting up

Putting the FreeStep with each other is actually rather simple. The instructions consist of huge, effortless to follow images for each step. I just like exactly how accurately each one of the pieces are actually pinpointed at the starting point. The only too you will require is actually a little bit of Allen wrench/screwdriver combination as well as it’s included.

You have to floor tile the machine on its own spine to connect the pedals- depending upon your size as well as exercise amount, it might come in handy to possess a 2nd individual accessible with this action.

Total though, setting up should not be a concern listed here.


Bodyweight Ability – Teeter weight limit

I always worry about the value of examining an equipment’s bodyweight ability before acquiring. Initially, you must guarantee you’re risk-free to utilize it. Second, it gives us a really good tip of how durable as well as strong the maker is actually. Greater is actually always far better.

The FreeStep features a 300 pounds body weight restriction. This is actually higher sufficient to fit most home customers and also provide our team comfort that in terms of style and premium.

Three hundred pounds is par for this sort of home exercise equipment, any kind of much less as well as our experts should start inquiring questions.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Initially glimpse, it seems like the FreeStep goes back with a 1-year warranty by Teeter. This is truly quick, however, if you read the fine print at the bottom on their guarantee info, you’ll observe that the 1-year warranty is actually just on the framework. There’s a 90-day service warranty on the core and all moving parts.

Spending plan makers commonly possess much shorter guarantees, it goes without saying, there are actually reasons that these machines set you back lower than the higher-end styles.

Yet there is actually no easy method around it- 90 times on all relocating parts is actually a definitely short service warranty. Even for an economical recumbent.

Final Word

Recumbent cross personal trainers are actually a fantastic technique to get a pleasant, low impact exercise. Also, people with arthritis and also agonizing joints can typically utilize all of them securely. This is actually why they have actually become such a well-liked workout option for elderly people.

The Teeter FreeStep is actually compact and also spending plan-friendly. It is actually some of one of the most affordable recumbent cross instructors I have actually discovered. You can simply spend thousands on one of these equipment.

In general, I think this recumbent has a whole lot to offer taking into consideration the cost. The modifiable chair and manages are actually well designed to give a fairly relaxed adventure. It holds true, this equipment isn’t visiting be actually as comfy as an office level recumbent, but our team requires to have reasonable expectations right here.

The magnetic resistance device is quiet and also effortless to readjust along with the turn dial. Consider these makers are actually made along with rehab in thoughts, where you commonly do not need to have lots of protection to get the job done.

The largest flaw in my viewpoint is actually the lackluster guarantee. The manufacturer’s warranty is actually shorter than I want to view, however, provided the price, it is actually still probably a relatively winner.

I think the teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer would certainly be actually best fit for senior citizens or individuals trying to find a mild workout session. The reduced impact workout session delivered through this maker could be astonishingly useful. Yet if you want HIIT exercises or even receiving “ripped”, this perhaps isn’t the right.

We hope this teeter review helped you a lot and now you are sure about what device you need.

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