bowflex blaze review

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review

The Bowflex Blaze home gym system has a lot of similarities with the Bowflex PR1000. However, it features many enhancements. As an example, it consists of a lat bar, its own weight resistance is actually upgradable, and the leg accessory uses the possibility for curl workouts, not just lower leg extensions. Due to these pluses, this certain property health and fitness center maker deals with much more than 60 workouts. We bet it is one of the best Bowflex blaze home gym reviews you have ever seen.


Technical Features and Characteristics

  1. Constructed sizes: 82.5 L x 38W x 84.5 H inches (210L x 97W x 215H cm).
  2. Assembled weight: 195 pounds (88.5 kg).
  3. Maximum. individual weight: 300 pounds (136 kg).
  4. Protection system: Energy Rods.
  5. Conventional significance resistance: 210 pounds (95 kg).
  6. Feasible physical exercises: 60+.
  7. Warranty: Frame as well as components 5 years / Power Rods lifetime.

bowflex blaze review


Border building, construction, and Bowflex blaze dimensions

The Bowflex Blaze home gym features an incredibly strong building. The framework is actually made of steel tubes and may support as much as 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of individual weight. All steel components include an anti-corrosive enamel layer, however, the maker is actually not suggested to be stored or even used outdoors. It is actually an inside your home health and fitness device.

Despite the fact that its none of the biggest and also bulkiest property health and fitness center devices, the Bowflex Blaze still takes a fair bit of space. It features an impact of 82.5 ″ L x 38W (210 x 97 centimeters) and grasps 84.5 ″ (215 centimeters) higher. Differently placed, it won’t match a room with a 7 ′ ceiling. Additionally, it requires a workout session region of one hundred ″ L x 78 ″ W (254 x 199 cm) for optimum protection.

The bases of the framework possess many major flooring to connect with points, each aspect is actually topped with a rubber stabilizer foot. In this manner, the equipment comes to be very steady, without wiggling during the course of exercises. However, just in case the flooring or even sidewalk where it’s likely to be actually placed is substantially uneven, you might think about putting it on a silicone mat.

The framework features a folding concept. To put it simply, the bench attorneys along with the main foundation and leg accessory folds up, minimizing the maker’s length through approx. 30 ″ (76.2 cm). Its own folded up footprint is actually 52 ″ x 38 ″ (132 x 97 cm).

The back bottom of the device features a pair of transportation tires. These may assist a little if you would like to move it somewhat from its place. However, because of its dimension and body weight, this house fitness center system is actually certainly not exactly suggested to become relocated when entirely assembled. It measures 195 pounds (88.5 kg), therefore it is actually ideal to setting up it right away where it is going to remain in make use of.

One final facet to point out listed here is that the equipment can easily fit individuals as much as 6′ 6 ″ -6′ 7 ″ (198 – 201 cm) without any trouble, for most workouts.

bowflex power pro workouts



The seat offered along with the Bowflex Blaze equipment is actually adjustable. The backrest provides straight as well as 45 ° positions, and can additionally be fully removed to assist in several workouts. The chair includes a gliding system identical to the seats on a variety of rowing makers. It may coast over the whole bench legal profession, offering the probability to execute workouts such as cardiovascular rowing, or leg pushes. The chair’s rollers include durable, covered sphere bearings for extended lifestyle. It may likewise be locked onto the bar in a variety of postures, depending on the desired workout session.

Both the seat and also the backrest feature 2 ″ of foam cushioning, using all the comfort demanded the achievable exercises that may be carried out on this maker. The finish on them is crafted from a tough form of man-made natural leather.

Other components As we have actually mentioned over, rather than the Bowflex PR1000, the Beam design includes a bent lat bar accessory, which expands the array of achievable physical exercises by a lot. Also, the leg add-on is actually slightly different, integrating elements for lower leg waves not merely lower leg expansions. The lower leg add-on includes thick curler pads for maximum convenience during workouts.

The hand grasps provided along with the machine are covered along with rubber at the same time, equally the curlers on the leg attachment. They’re really designed for several grips, including criterion, belt, and also shoe grip. Alongside the hand grasps, a leg push band is actually likewise offered.

All sheaves on the equipment include commercial top-quality ball bearings. They’re crafted from heavy-duty urethane products as well as can easily spin 360 °. The cords are actually stainless-steel ropes, covered by a plastic slab. They are actually remarkably tough, as well as also do with stainless steel hooks as well as bands, to connect on the grasps or the Electrical power Rods.

An accessory tray is actually additionally supplied along with the machine. It affixes to the chest club, at the rear of the house fitness center, giving help for several little extras like your phone, secrets, water bottle, etc. It additionally offers assistance for the squat bar.

Lastly, an exercise placard is actually connected to the lat high rise, using workout session summaries as well as directions for the most popular physical exercises, for easy referral.

bowflex reviews pros and cons


Body Weight Resistance System

All Bowflex home fitness center devices include an impressive bodyweight resistance device, which utilizes Energy Poles as opposed to weight stacks like the “traditional” residence health and fitness centers. Seemingly, the Bowflex Blaze does not help make an exemption. The maximum typical weight resistance of the equipment is actually 210 pounds (95 kilograms), or 105 pounds (47.6 kilograms) for every edge (or even grip). The equipment includes the following protection rods:

  • 2 x 5 pounds (2.26 kilograms).
  • 4 x 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms).
  • 2 x 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms).
  • 2 x fifty pounds (22.6 kilograms).

As you can see, there is actually the possibility to readjust weight resistance in increments of 5 lbs (2.26 kg), around 105 pounds for each edge.

The bodyweight protection capacity of the machine is actually upgradable. You may add rods up to an overall of 410 pounds (186 kg) of weight protection.

The Power Poles are crafted from a very long-lasting elastomer, as well as covered with a thin piece of rubber. They’re likewise precision-machined, with the bands remarkably well hooked up to the poles, practically difficult to get rid of. The ring hat of each protection rod possesses its bodyweight resistance pointed out on it.

The resistance unit of this Bowflex property fitness center collection is rather direct. The Energy Poles are aligned as well as hooked up to their certain rack, behind of the lat tower. If you want to use particular weight protection, you should hook the poles along with your wanted resistance increments onto each cable television, and also start pulling.


Feasible Exercises and Bowflex power pro workouts

Legs ExercisesArm Exercises
Ankle EversionsCross Triceps Extensions
Ankle InversionsLying 45° Triceps Extensions
Lying Leg ExtensionsSingle Arm Pushdowns
Leg PressesTriceps Pushdowns
Leg ExtensionsSeated Triceps Extensions
Prone Leg CurlsFrench Presses
Standing Hip AbductionsSeated Biceps Curls
Standing Hip ExtensionsStanding Biceps Curls
Standing Hip ExtensionsLying Triceps Extensions
Seated Hip AdductionsLying Biceps Curls
Seated Hip AbductionsSeated Wrist Extensions
Standing Leg KickbacksSeated Wrist Curls
SquatsStanding Wrist Extensions
Reverse Curls
“Rope” Pushdowns
Standing Wrist Curls


Shoulder ExercisesBack Exercises
Lying Front Shoulder RaisesLying Lat Pulldowns
Front Shoulder RaisesBent Over Rows
Rear Deltoid RowsLow Back Extensions
Reverse FliesLying Lat Flies
Scapular ProtractionsStiff-Arm Pulldowns
Shoulder ShrugsSeated Lat Rows
Standing Lateral Shoulder RaisesLying Narrow Lat Pulldowns
Seated Shoulder PressesNarrow Pulldowns with Handgrips
Shoulder ExtensionsPulldowns
Scapular Depressions
Scapular Retractions
Seated Lateral Shoulder Raises
Shoulder Rotator Cuffs
Shoulder Rotator Cuffs


Chest ExercisesAbdominal Exercises
Incline Bench PressesSeated (Resisted) Oblique Ab Crunches
Decline Chest FliesSeated (Resisted) Ab Crunches
Bench PressesReverse Crunches
Decline Bench PressesResisted Reverse Crunches
Incline Chest FliesTrunk Rotations
Shoulder Horizontal Adductions
Lying Cable Crossoveres
Resisted Punches


This fitness center residence device performs certainly not feature pubs for chin-ups and dips. Nonetheless, you can change these physical exercises with lat pulldowns and also triceps muscles press downs. These exercises will definitely interact generally the same groups of muscle mass.

Butterfly physical exercises are actually additionally feasible to execute on this maker. Nonetheless, due to the fact that it doesn’t possess strong bars like many devices with weight heaps, the stability will not coincide. On the other hand, due to this simple fact, you’ll need to center much more on the workout, which can just enhance results.

bowflex reviews pros and cons


Installation and also Servicing

The assembly of the exercise machine is actually not difficult, yet given that there are actually plenty of components to be fastened all together, it may take a couple of hours. Given that it’s a somewhat massive as well as a huge piece of equipment, it is actually ideal to put it all together in the space and instantly where it will be in make use of.

Merely pair of Allen wrenches are actually supplied with the package, but you will also be needing 2 mixture wrenches (1/2 ″ as well as 9/16 ″), and a Phillips screwdriver.

For maintenance, you’ll must keep the equipment tidy, inspection and re-tighten the bolts if required, as well as make sure the rail of the place is free of any sort of gunk or items that may create damages to the curlers.


The Advantages

  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • Folding frame concept;
  • 2 ″ cushioning on the seat for maximum comfort;
  • Resilient upholstery on seat, crafted from fake leather-made;
  • 4 ″ opulent curler paddings for leg expansions and leg curls;
  • Versatile manages to sustain three kinds of holds;
  • Featured leg push band;
  • Lat bar add-on consisted of;
  • Seat along with two roles: 55° as well as 180°;
  • Gliding seat for aerobic rowing and also leg push exercises;
  • Ingenious Energy Rod bodyweight protection device, no bodyweight heaps required;
  • Industrial quality ball bearings in all moving parts;
  • Over 60 feasible workouts;
  • Workout session placard defining numerous physical exercises, attached to the lat high rise of the device, for fast reference;
  • Featured accessory holder;
  • As much as 105 pounds of resistance every upper arm, 210 lbs in total amount;
  • Possibility to update weight resistance as much as a total amount of 410 pounds;
  • Great warranty package.

The Disadvantages

  • Even though it delivers the probability to carry out lower leg curls, it is actually not exceptionally relaxed for this form of exercises;
  • Tools for assembly not included.

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Final word

The Bowflex Blaze home gym system deals with a vast selection of workouts, as well as it’s merely best for anybody that doesn’t possess the moment to visit a health club. It is actually extremely versatile equipment, using both durability and cardio instruction probabilities. It features conventional bodyweight protection of 210 pounds (95 kilograms), but it also delivers the probability for upgrades as much as 410 pounds (186 kilograms), thereby it’s practically a machine for individuals of all levels. And eventually, looking at the health and fitness opportunities supplied through it, and the simple fact that it sets you back less than $800, it’s risk-free to claim that this machine gives exceptional worth for the rate. We hope our Bowflex blaze review with all the Bowflex reviews pros and cons helped you a lot and now the question “is Bowflex worth it” is answered.

bowflex blaze dimensions

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