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Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review

The Bowflex Xceed is a lighter variation of the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE. It generally delivers the exact same spectrum of physical exercises, however, it features fewer pulley-blocks. The 1st Xceed design was actually launched in 2006. However, within this Bowflex Xceed review, we gonna tell you about the latest version, the model 100382. This latest model includes an extra visual style and also a larger backrest.

Technical Particulars and Characteristics

  1. Assembled measurements (Bowflex Xceed dimensions): 53 ″ L x 49 ″ W x 82 ″ H (135L x 124W x 208H cm).
  2. Overall weight when assembled: 157 pounds (71 kilograms).
  3. Bowflex accessories.
  4. Maximum customer body weight: 300 pounds (136 kg).
  5. Protection unit: Electrical power poles.
  6. Conventional significance protection: 210 pounds (95 kg).
  7. Achievable workouts: 65+.
  8. Manufacturer’s warranty: for the frame, it is 7 years/ for Electrical power rode it is life-time.


Framework & add-ons

As we’ve pointed out over, the Bowflex Xceed possesses a similar structure building and construction to the Xtreme 2SE model and other old Bowflex models. Having said that, it does not have the rear leading pulley bar. It’s a device created from tough steel pubs, featuring a rust-resistant and also chip resisting paint finish, combining the colors black, gray, as well as reddish.

Compared to other health and fitness devices that you can easily use at home, the Bowflex Xceed isn’t very large. It takes approximately 53 ″ L x 49 ″ W (135 x 124 cm) of floor room along with the frame entirely assembled. Having said that, Bowflex suggests assigning a utilization area of at the very least 96 ″ L x 78 ″ W (244 x 198 cm), for risk-free as well as unrestricted procedure.

The unit’s acme is approximate 82 ″ (208 centimeters) above flooring degree. And this being said, it can easily suit a room along with a 7′ roof.

This Bowflex fitness device doesn’t have flexible backings. Its bases rest on silicone pads for a strengthened floor grip as well as additional security. It is actually likewise fairly heavy, pressing approximately 157 pounds (71 kg) as well as this bodyweight notably strengthens its own reliability as well. Its bases do not have any support points and holes, and commonly it shouldn’t require to become fastened to the flooring; thus, in case you desire to attach it to the flooring, you will definitely need to improvise.

bowflex xceed home gym

The front portion of the structure combines a standing platter for squats and various other workouts that need standing up. The lateral pubs which act as a help for the adjustable sheaves feature four hookup points each. Additionally, there is actually an additional little pub connected to the foundation of the structure above the back-rest to which you can easily connect the pulley-blocks for abdominal muscle crunches, torso rotations or other mid-pulley physical exercises.

Mentioning pulleys, the ones included with the Bowflex Xceed home health club are 8 in amount. They’re all crafted from fibreglass enhanced components and combine stainless-steel round bearings for soft procedure. They all swivel in all paths allowing the completion of a variety of physical exercises. 2 of the pulley-blocks are actually adjustable; you can easily affix all of them either to the sidewise bars of the device for physical exercises such a seated fly presses or main pushes, or you may affix them to the smaller bar over the chair for abdominal crunches or even various other relevant workouts.

The system consists of several sets of cables, which are strongly resilient, evaluated for over 1,000 pounds of resistance. They are additionally covered with a thin piece of PVC component, for a smoother slide over the pulley-blocks.

Several of the cables require moving from a workout to one more; this likewise represents the modifiable sheaves. But as a standard idea, the main base pulleys and the leading pulley-blocks commonly don’t need to become relocated. Thus, you may establish the device for 4-5 kinds of physical exercises, which ought to suffice for one workout session.

The Bowflex Xceed includes a modifiable chair. It gives numerous height stances so it can easily serve customers approximately 6′ 5 ″ (196 centimeters) without any complication for the majority of the exercises. The backrest, having said that, is actually non-adjustable. Both the seat and also backrest incorporate 2″ of froth stuffing for ideal convenience. The furniture on all of them is made of resilient vinyl products. Instead of the much older Xceed design, the brand new 100382 design features a broader back-rest which supplies better lustrous support. Also, a vital aspect of the system’s seating is its own bodyweight ability. It can support customers up to 300 pounds (136 kg).

In relation to accessories and add-ones, there are a number of them that come with the device. The first to state is actually the 2 D-handles which deal with very most physical exercises. They have rubberized grasps for optimum comfort. Pair of more accessories are the straight squatty bar along with a 50″ curved lat bar. Plus, the leg designer is also featured. It features 4″ foam rollers for maximum convenience and uses the opportunity to perform leg expansions or even standing lower leg curls.

bowflex exceed home gym

Weight Resistance

The Bowflex Xceed which you can easily use at home is actually equipped with a Power Pole protection system, equally the Bowflex Beam or even the Bowflex PR1000. It does not carry weight bundles like other cable property health and fitness centers. Likewise, you can not make use of pinhead bodyweight layers to incorporate resistance to it.

The energy rods that produce the weight resistance for this Bowflex exceed home gym is created from a unique elastomer, coated with a slim slab of rubber material. They are equipped with precision-machined rings to which the cable hooks connect; these bands are very sturdy as well as almost impossible to remove from the poles. This is just one of the factors the Bowflex power rods include a lifetime service warranty.

The energy rod set consisted of through this Bowflex instructor delivers a total weight resistance of 210 pounds (95 kilograms), 105 pounds (47.6 kg) for each and every edge. The rod set features the observing electrical power poles:

  • 2 x 5 pounds (2.26 kilograms)
  • 4 x 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms)
  • 2 x 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms)
  • 2 x 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms)

Nevertheless, the machine’s general weight resistance may be improved. You can include 4 extra fifty pounds (22.6 kilograms) rods (2 on each edge), if you want to benefit from a complete bodyweight protection of 310 pounds (140 kg) or even 410 pounds (186 kg).

bowflex xceed review

Achievable Workouts

Some of the biggest benefits of the Bowflex fitness centers is their substantial selection of exercises. Comparable to the Complete Gyms, they give you the potential to carry out loads of different techniques by utilizing the various add-ons and manages. The Bowflex devices take advantage of a set of pulley-blocks and cords to take this off.

The Xceed claims that you can perform at least 60 various carries on it. It pulls this off through utilizing 3 various pulley-block systems-upper, middle, and reduced.

The uppermost sheave is actually utilized for exercises like lat pulldown, as well as variations on tricep pulldowns and even high rows. The mid-wheel is made use of for your upper body press workouts, but can additionally be readjusted for conducting crises, flys, as well as tricep expansions at the same time.

The reduced sheave is used with the leg programmer, but can easily also be made use of to perform relocations like bicep swirls, shoulder flys, as well as vertical rows.

The Xceed possesses a vertical seat instead of a horizontal bench. This means a couple of points. To begin with, it makes it a little bit a lot comfier to on and off of. Consider how quick and easy it is actually to access a breast press device at the health club. With a vertical seat, you must not stress over overworking your back if you have back issues.

Don’t panic, you can easily still conduct techniques like slope and also decline chest push- the different slants are actually attained through modifying the slant of the pulley-block.

Having an upright bench likewise indicates the Xceed uses up less space than a gym along with a straight seat. One thing that comes inconveniently if your workout session area is restricted to start, every square inch matters.

One downside of the upright bench though, is that you do not get the cardio rowing feature.


Possible Exercises (Arm and Shoulder)

Arm ExercisesShoulder Exercises
“Rope” PushdownsShoulder Shrug
Barbell Biceps CurlShoulder Rotator Cuff (internal)
Reverse Barbell Biceps CurlShoulder Rotator Cuff (external)
Hammer Triceps ExtensionShoulder Extension
Triceps ExtensionSeated Shoulder Press
Hammer Biceps CurlSeated Forearm Lateral Shoulder Raise
Reverse CurlScapular Retraction
Seated Biceps CurlScapular Protraction
Standing Biceps CurlScapular Depression
Triceps Pushdown w/ Lat Pulldown BarReverse Fly
Concentration Biceps CurlLateral Shoulder Raise
Cross Triceps ExtensionFront Shoulder Raise
Seated Hammer Biceps CurlCrossover Seated Rear Delt Rows
Single Arm PushdownCrossover Reverse Fly
Triceps Pushdown w/ Hand GripsCrossover Rear Delt Rows
Triceps Hammer PushdownCrossover High Rear Delt Rows
Arm Opposition Push-pull
Hammer Triceps Kickback
Resisted Dip
Triceps Kickback
Upper Body Opposition Push-pull
Wrist Curl
Wrist Extension


Possible Exercises (Abdominal and Chest)

Abdominal ExercisesChest Exercises
Seated Oblique Abdominal CrunchChest Fly
Seated Abdominal CrunchBench Press
Trunk RotationIncline Chest Fly


Possible Exercises (Back and Leg)

Leg ExercisesBack Exercises
Calf RaiseCrossover Bent Rear Delt Row
Single Leg Calf RaiseSeated Wide Lat Pulldowns
Leg ExtensionStanding Low Back Extension
SquatBent Rear Delt Row
Hip FlexionPulldowns
Standing Hip Extension (knee extended)Narrow Pulldowns w/ Hand Grips
Standing Hip Extension (knee bent)Narrow Pulldowns w/ Lat Pulldown Bar
Leg KickbackCrossover Narrow Pulldowns
Standing Hip AdductionCrossover Wide Pulldowns
Standing Hip AbductionReverse Grip Pulldowns
Crossover Seated Lat Rows
Standing Shoulder Pullover w/ Hand Grips
Stiff Arm Pulldowns
Reverse Grip Pulldown with Lat Bar
Seated Lat Rows


Installation and Upkeep

The Bowflex Xceed plus needs a total set up. It comes in numerous containers as well as a result of the many components its assembly is going to take a minimum of a couple of hours. Nonetheless, the assembly method is certainly not exceptionally intricate as well as the handbook delivers incredibly clear, step-by-step installation directions with connected schematics. In regards to installation devices, 2 Allen wrenches are actually featured with the device, but you will definitely also need an adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a level cutter screwdriver.

For maintenance, it is encouraged to disconnect the Electrical power Rods from the cables, in order that they remain in the right, upright setting. Apart from this, you’ll merely must make sure that all the bolts as well as junctions secure properly together, as well as re-tighten them preferably.

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Video Review

The Advantages

  • Sturdy steel framework building;
  • Strong sheaves including stainless-steel sphere bearings for a hassle-free procedure;
  • Foam padding, with tough man-made leather furniture, for optimum comfort;
  • Height-adjustable seat;
  • Lower leg add-on;
  • Lat bar consisted of;
  • The squat pub featured;
  • Multi-grip manages included;
  • Various spots for the mid-pulley-blocks;
  • Cutting-edge Energy Pole weight protection device, no mass bundles demanded;
  • Approximately 105 pounds of resistance every arm, 210 pounds in overall;
  • Upgrade possibilities approximately 310 pounds and also 410 pounds of total weight;
  • Exercise quick guide, covering all the exercises possible on this machine, consisted of;
  • Over 65 possible workouts;
  • Rather very easy to put together;
  • Peaceful operation;
  • Outstanding service warranty;

The Disadvantages

  • Certainly, not all the tools required for the assembly are consisted of;
  • Ab harness as well as ankle belts certainly not consisted of;



If you want a real example just put Bowflex Xceed video on the Net and you will see how it works but be sure the Bowflex Xceed is a perfect device to use at home furnished with an energy pole protection unit which offers weight protection around 210 pounds (95 kg). It has 4 major workout stations, and changeable seat, as well as delivers the probability to execute greater than 65 gyms high quality physical Bowflex Xceed exercises. As a result of its own lowered number of pulley-blocks, it sets you back significantly less than other Bowflex Xceed home gyms. However, it’s still an outstanding physical fitness device, along with an exceptional price/quality ratio. We hope you consider this review one of the best Bowflex Xceed reviews you have ever seen.

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