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Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G Smith machine

Smith devices generally possess much higher convenience than common weight stack devices, as many of them collaborate with Olympic and/or Regular weight plates, always leaving open the opportunity to increase weight capability. Obviously, the higher the variety of exercise stations in a Johnson equipment, the much higher its versatility, however, its price is also higher depending on it. Nevertheless, when it concerns a superb price/market value ratio regarding a weight device of this sort, the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G definitely worth buying it.

This specific Smith cage body offers the middle range weight capacity, and also features a modifiable bench with lower leg growth attachment, reduced sheave terminal, crossover terminal, pec fly terminal, and naturally, the breast press bar, featuring direct round bearings. There is actually a lot to say about this personal trainer system, so in the parts listed below, we gonna try to give you as much info as possible on all its parts, offered workouts, installation and so on.

marcy diamond elite smith machine


Technical Highlights and Characteristics

  • Sizes when assembled: 95L x 79W x 86H inch (241L x 201W x 219H cm).
  • Total weight: 237 pounds (107.5 kilograms).
  • Weight ability:
    • Optimum body weights for push bar: 300 pounds (136 kg).
    • Max consumer’s weight (for bench): 300 pounds (136 kilograms).
    • Maximum body weights on the rack: 600 pounds (272 kilograms).
    • Maximum significances on Leg Programmer: 100 pounds (45 kg).
    • Max values on Cross-over, Lat Pull: 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms).
  • Required weight plates: Olympic (2″ holes).
  • Achievable physical exercises: 100+.
  • Warranty: 2 years for parts.


Parts and Frame

To start with, the Marcy MD-9010G device for home use features a frame made of 14 gauge square steel tubes, with an incredibly durable building and construction. A number of benches are chrome coated, along with a “gemstone” finish, while the coat of others is anti-corrosion polish.

Despite the fact that it is actually a machine developed for house usage, it’s pretty identical to club Smith equipment. The structure is very strong to support as much as 600 pounds (272 kg) of total body weight. The cage does not need to be bolted to the flooring. Its backings are actually little steel plates welded to the bottom clubs, and also they do not possess gaps in it. However, just in case you intend to screw it down, it is possible to pierce some holes in them. The Marcy Diamond 9010g Smith cage system is actually hefty enough to be stable on its own, also throughout exercises that involve more significant weights. But to be sure it will not move in any way while hefty training, you may position it on a rubberized mat. It is going to additionally deliver security for your flooring.

The framework of the included seat is constructed from the same straight steel tubes as the crate. It performs certainly not link to the crate, thus you can easily quickly readily, placing it at the proximity or posture that drops most comfortable to you. Its own backrest features several change positions. As a general concept, the seat offers incline, parallel as well as downtrend positions. The downtrend is actually not extreme though, only a few levels below 180°.

The preacher pad and seat are actually equipped with high-density foam, providing great convenience. The cushioning on them is constructed from two-toned, brownish plastic, which can last a life-time if treated with appropriate care. Likewise, when it comes to extra padding, the leg designer station connected to the seat combines 6 large curler pads, to provide the greatest convenience during leg extensions as well as curls.

Since it’s a multifunctional home health and fitness center as well as certainly not a basic Smith device, the Marcy Diamond Elite includes numerous sheaves for its workout terminals. The sheaves are 3.75″ in Marcy Diamond Elite dimension, and also made of heavy-duty nylon product, along with closed round bearings for prolonged use. The top sheaves may rotate, for that reason, you may utilize all of them for different sidewise pull exercises. The cable televisions utilized for this maker are 2000 pounds flexible strength steel ropes, covered by a piece of PVC for smoother functionality. Obviously, they are actually very long-lasting, being able to endure so much more weight than the max ability of the equipment.

marcy diamond 9010g smith cage

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith’s cage with linear bearings instructions gives a smooth move and the greatest security for push physical exercises. Plainly, this bar features its own safety unit, connecting to the inside of the frame’s 1″ manual rods. Nevertheless, due to the fact that this Marcy md9010g health club

includes a Smith cage, you can additionally make use of an independent bar for squats or even pushes. 2 sets of safety stoppers are actually provided with the Marcy Diamond Smith cage MD 9010g, the frontal bars of the framework including 9 add-on postures for all of them.

The rear bars of the cage structure includes 3 bodyweight storage secures (each). Identical to the included press bar, the fixes are actually created for 2″ Olympic weights.

A bit more info on the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine that needs to be covered right here, are actually when it comes to its own overall measurements. Firstly, along with the bench and frame entirely constructed, the entire health and fitness center unit is actually approximately 95″ (241 centimeters) long, and also 79″ (201 centimeters) wide. However, if it is needed to fill platters on it, and also certainly, use it carefully and also relocate readily around it, you’ll require a minimum of 2-3 feet of space on each side. The cage frame is actually approximately 86″ (219 centimeters) tall, which suggests it won’t suit a space (or basement) with a 7′ roof. These being stated, the device is developed for consumers in between 5′ as well as 6’5″ (152 – 195.5 centimeters) consumers, but even taller individuals need to have the ability to carry out most physical exercises on it with no obstacle.



There are actually several explanations we need to make relating to the add-ones (accessories) of Marcy Elite featured this Marcy Smith machine. To start with weight, layers (plates) actually do not come with the package; you’ll need to use the ones you actually have, or acquire a new set. As our experts have actually stated over, all its own weight fixes are created 2″ Olympic layers (plates).

marcy smith cage system md 9010g

The Marcy Diamond Elite home gym set comes with a push bar that attaches to the gliding bars of the framework, with straight bearings. Having said that, the collection does not include a private Olympic bar. So, in case you don’t want to make use of the sliding bar for presses or even squats, and you really want a private bar for workouts of the sort, you’ll must obtain one furthermore.

The major accessories included with the collection are actually:

  • 1x Triceps rope;
  • 1x Ankle joint strap;
  • 1x Lat bar;
  • 2x Manage grip;
  • 1x Shiver bar.


Workout terminals

Chest press terminal – consisting of a moving press bar along with direct bearings, sleeved for Olympic body weight layers. You can easily utilize this bar either for chest press exercises, stand-up rows or squats.

Pec fly terminal – entailing 2 easy arms along with elbow joint pads, utilizing the rear weight bar. Plainly, this terminal is designed for exercises paying attention to the progression of pectoral muscle mass.

Higher crossover terminal – including a set of 2 high pulley-blocks, for several crossover workouts or lat pulldowns. A lat bar is actually included. You can affix it to both pulleys or to one pulley-block if you would like to execute pulldowns while rising.

Leg development terminal (station) – delivering the option to conduct leg expansions as well as leg curls;

Preacher curl station – which generally makes use of the lower leg growth add-on in conjunction with the minister pad, so as to allow you to execute sermonizer waves. It additionally includes a straightforward, effortlessly easily-removed bar with cushioned takes care of.

Low pulley terminal – made for a variety of workouts, including one-legged curls, abductions or even settled rows. An ankle joint strap, as well as a small (shudder) pub, are offered for the numerous workouts that can be carried out on this wheel.

Alternatively, this house health and fitness center set does not feature a dip station. Additionally, it does not include a pull-up pub.

marcy diamond elite home gym

Weight proportions and limit

Given that this Marcy weight equipment features a pulley body, it is actually apparent that the weight ratios differ from one to another. Thus, a few weight proportions to the state are:

  • Lat pulldown terminal – 10 pounds of body weight platters makes 5 pounds of resistance;
  • Pec fly station – 10 pounds of body weight platters creates 10 pounds of protection;
  • Low wheel station – 10 pounds of weight plates produces twenty pounds of resistance;
  • Left behind crossover – 10 pounds of weight plates creates 5 pounds of protection;
  • Right crossover – 10 pounds of weight layers generate 5 pounds of protection.

Seemingly, the weight you will be actually loaded on the press and curls bars will certainly be the weight to elevate.

A few definitions to become made below are actually when it comes to the coasting push bar. Firstly, this bar does not possess the 45 pounds (20.4 kg) regular weight of an Olympic 7′ bar. It measures just 25 pounds (11.3 kg). Also, it can easily support much more than 300 pounds (136 kilograms), but the bench might not hold the user’s body weight plus 300 pounds of plates weight on the bar, thereby it is actually ranked for 300 pounds. Nonetheless, individuals have actually disclosed they have loaded it along with more than 400 pounds for squats with no problems.

When it concerns the bodyweight limitations of various other stations, as mentioned above, the crinkle station possesses a limit of 100 pounds (45.3 kg), while the crossover terminal’s restriction is 200 pounds (90.7 kg).


Marcy Diamond Elite exercise chart

The Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G makes it possible to carry out a large collection of physical exercises. Some of all of them are:

Back ExercisesArm exercises
Back pressesLateral single-arm biceps curls
Prone reverse fliesClose grip pulldowns
Back fliesBiceps curls
Prone back fliesLying biceps curls
Kneeling rowingLateral single-arm triceps extensions
Aerobic rowingTriceps pressdowns
Lat pulldownsTriceps extensions
Crossover rowingKneeling triceps extensions
Prone triceps extensions


Chest ExercisesLeg Exercises
Close grip chest pressesSingle-leg squats
Wide grip chest pressesSquats
Chest pressesStand-up leg curls
Single arm chest pressesCalf raises
Chest fliesKneeling single-leg squats
Lateral chest fliesTwisting squats
Incline chest fliesWide squats
Single arm chest fliesJumping squats
Pullovers with twisting crunchesHip extensions
Pullovers with crunchesReverse lunges
Hip abductions
Hip adductions


Shoulder ExercisesAbdominal Exercises
Front deltoid raisesStanding trunk rotations
Lateral deltoid raisesSeated trunk rotations
Shoulder pressesCable crunches
Upright rowsCable twist crunches
Lateral arm pulls
Shoulder extensions
Front deltoid raises with leg curls
Lying front deltoid raises

As we’ve pointed out above, this gym set does not have a plunge terminal. Yet you may quickly switch out dips with triceps pushdowns or similar exercises, making use of the high pulley-blocks with the 2 handle-grips affixed.

There’s no leg push station either. Nonetheless, you can actually utilize the moving trunk press bar to make exercises for leg presses, through positioning the bench backwards under the bar, after you have cleared away the leg add-on, as well as simply push bench up using your legs. Naturally, it’s certainly not the safest, but given that the bench is actually attached to the gliding beam of lights, as well as has a protection system, it can’t decrease. So, with a little bit of extra treatment, you need to manage to do leg pushes without any problems.

Likewise, to the checklist of workouts that may be done with the help of this Marcy MD-9010g, you may primarily incorporate very most physical exercises entailing pinheads. The bench and preacher pad may provide exceptional support for these physical exercises.

marcy smith machine

Setting up and Servicing.

The installation of this particular Marcy physical fitness equipment is not complicated, and also the supplied guide delivers rather simple setting up instructions. Nevertheless, given that it is actually a complex marcy diamond elite MD 9010g machine, you need about 4-5 hours for the assembly of this Marcy MD 9010g. Because it is actually not precisely a light health and fitness equipment, you’ll need to have at least 2 people for delivering packages into your home. Additionally, as a result of its weight, it’s certainly not precisely indicated to be relocated when it’s assembled.

You also need to prepare in advance all the tools you need for installation because they do not come with the package: you will need two changeable wrenches and a Phillips screwdriver.

When it involves servicing, the only element to take into consideration is buttering the straight round bearings which connect press pub onto its soaring beams. A light oil or even WD-40 is advised for it.


The Advantages:

– Tough, all-steel structure;

– A number of exercise stations, featuring: chest push terminal, pec fly station, low sheave station, high pulley crossover terminal, leg advancement station, sermonizer terminal;

– 5 status bench consisted of;

– Smooth pulley-block as well as wire motion;

– Press bar integrating direct ball bearings for soft and steady function;

– Pair of sets of catch bars featured, and 9 accessory openings for all of them on the frontal bars of the crate;

– Ankle joint band featured;

– Lat pulldown pub consisted of;

– The brief pub featured;

– Triceps muscles rope featured;

– Handle grips featured;

– Makes use of Olympic weight platters, which are very offered;

– Over 100 achievable exercises;

– Silent operation;

– Reasonably easy to construct.

The Disadvantages:

It is difficult to say that these drawbacks are REAL ones for this Marcy weight device, however, need to be pointed out further:

– Bodyweight plates are not featured;

– Pub free of charge squats or even pushes is actually not included (just the moving press pub is consisted of);

– Needs at the very least 10 x 10 feet of space, for correct as well as safe procedure;



The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine MD 9010G is a multifunctional physical fitness body, supplying a lot of training versatility. It features a sleek, strong and dependable building, along with an overall bodyweight ability of 600 pounds. The whole collection includes a Smith cage along with numerous workout session places, and a workout seat, being made to offer greater than one hundred exercises. Despite the fact that it’s certainly not specifically a maker produced specialist lifters, it’s virtually risk-free to claim that it may give every little thing called for by an amateur or even intermediary consumer, in relation to bodyweight training. And as a final verdicts, given all it can easily supply as well as the fact that it sets you back merely $1,000, the price/worth ratio of the Smith machine is actually simply fantastic.

marcy md-9010g

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