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Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 Review

Marcy Fitness supplies a number of house fitness centers in a budget-friendly rate, consisting of the MWM-990, MWM-6150, and also much larger devices, including the Marcy Johnson Cage SM-4008 are accessible for prices under $600. They’re not gym-grade exercise devices, but for property usage, they are actually ideal, that is actually why so far they profit from a multitude of good reviews from a lot of customers. And be sure it is the one of the best Marcy MWM 988 reviews you have ever seen.

In this blog post, we are actually going to offer the Marcy MWM-988 home fitness center. This system is actually a bit similar to the MWM-990 version; they’re primarily the same devices, yet the MWM-988 features various paint coating.


Technical Highlights and Characteristics

  1.  Constructed sizes: 69L x 36W x 79H inches (173L x 92W x 201H centimeters).
  2. Constructed value: 271 pounds (123 kilograms).
  3. Max. consumer capability: 300 pounds (136 kilograms).
  4. Bundle weight: 150 pounds (68 kilograms).
  5. Maximum. weight resistance: 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms).
  6. Achievable workouts: 36+.
  7. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Frame 2 years.

marcy 150lb stack home gym

Border construction as well as parts

 Although the Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 is actually not an industrial level device, it includes a 14ga steel framework and also has a relatively resilient building. Nevertheless, it does have a bodyweight limitation. The hands-on encourages that the consumer bodyweight ability (which basically pertains to the chair) shouldn’t go over 300 pounds (136 kilograms).

This Marcy home gym MWM 988 isn’t exceptionally huge. Therefore, on the one hand, this is an advantage; the totally assembled unit just takes 69″ L x 36″ W (173 x 92 centimeters) of floor space, being approximately 79″ (201 centimeters). It means it can match rather properly even in a smaller room, and also with a 7′ (213 centimeters) roof, without any burden for any kind of exercise, as it does not have a pull-up/chin-up bar. Yet however, because of its own somewhat small elevation, consumers taller than 6’0″– 6’1″ (183– 185 centimeters) may not take advantage of a total series of movement for certain physical exercises.


The unit is fairly hefty; with the totally set up frame and with the weight stack in place, it has a weight of over 270 pounds. Therefore, stability should not be a problem for it. Nevertheless, the unit does not possess base stabilizers, so positioning it on a rubber floor covering is advised, for optimum security, and floor security.

Since it’s one of the most ideal budget-pleasant fitness and health facilities for house usage, it does not possess an adaptable seat and additionally back-rest. They provide fantastic comfort as well as assistance, nonetheless, is actually cushioned in addition to a coating of foam of approximately 2 ″. This additionally selects the preacher pad, for which the right stuff on top is actually even thicker. The furniture on the chair, back-rest, and additionally sermonizer pad is incredibly sturdy; alongside ideal treatment, it may effortlessly last for several years of application. Additionally, in regard to froth cushioning, the curlers of the leg developer terminal are in fact 4 ″ heavy, supplying the remarkable convenience required for reduced leg expansions or even several different pertinent workouts.

The equipment includes 16 pulley-blocks crafted coming from long-lasting nylon element, combining sealed off sphere bearings for a prolonged life-span and also convenient technique. The cables of the Marcy 150 lb.home gym are steel-made, covered through a slim piece of PVC material. They possess a 2,000 pounds tensile durability, as a result, you should not fuss concerning each of all of them breaking even though you work out through making use of the whole physical body weight stack. Cable television tension might be readjusted with moving up or perhaps down the lowered pulley in the twin pulley bracket positioned behind the primary upright tube of the Marcy 150-pound stack home gym.

If our team speaks about accessories, there are in fact four featured within this Marcy home gym. These are really one ankle joint band, one EZ-type lat bar, one establishment growth, and also one ankle band.

Finally, the Marcy MWM-988 gym for residence use includes a rust-resistant as well as abrasion-resistant coating appearance. As our crew has really mentioned over, the paint finishing as well as additionally the various colors of the home furniture are actually the only distinctions between the MWM-988 and also MWM-990 versions. The MWM-988 one features a gray/black surface, while the MWM-990 possesses a black grey/ red surface.

marcy mwm 988

Workout stations

Although the Marcy MWM-988 doesn’t have a mid-pulley terminal for workouts such as abdominal grinds or even baseball bat swings, there are actually 6 available exercise stations. These are:

  • Chest push terminal– for triceps, shoulders, as well as pectoral muscles training;
  • Pec fly terminal– the upper arms of the chest push have a dual feature; they may fold inner making it possible for the execution of butterfly upper body exercises. They possess a multi-grip layout and big foam curlers for added convenience;
  • High-pulley terminal– equally as for many comparable types of house fitness centers, the high-pulley station is actually accessible. Also, an EZ-lat bar is actually consisted of along with the maker;
  • Low-pulley terminal– the sheave attached to the reduced main aspect of the Marcy home gym 988 can really assist in a broad assortment of exercises, like upright curls, triceps cuts, squats and extra;
  • Buckle pad add-on– the Marcy MWM-988 consists of a preacher pad. This accessory is up and down changeable using a number of roles. Obviously, this exercise station delivers several sorts of physical exercises for the arm muscle mass;
  • Leg developer– this add-on is actually created generally for leg expansions. The seat of this particular house health and fitness center is fixed, as well as although it is actually reasonably sizable, it does certainly not possess the size of a changeable bench. Consequently, the leg developer merely enables upright leg waves, and also no typical, face-down curls.


Body Weight Heap and Protection (Resistance)

The Marcy MWM-988 is outfitted along with a 150 pounds (68 kilograms) weight pile. It includes 14 weight layers, 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) each, while the peak, stopper plate additionally weighs 10 pounds.

One crucial aspect to discuss here relates to the fact that the weight plates of the Marcy 150 lb home gym are not made from cast iron as for the Body-Solid GS1, for instance. They are actually concrete layers contained in a plastic shell. They are less tough than steel or actor’s iron plates.

Having said that, given that it’s a home use maker, it won’t be utilized as substantially as office equipment, so the weight stack might as well last a lifetime. On the other hand, a lot of machines along with a plastic pile are substantially, even more, cost-effective than the ones along with an actor’s iron pile. For instance, this Marcy style is approx. half the cost than the Body-Solid GS1 that our team has actually presently discussed.

The system’s mass proportions differ for each and every wheel or exercise station. The max weight resistance result delivered is actually 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms), which applies to the press terminal. The dining table below series the normal weight protection generated by the most important workout session terminals.


Marcy mwm 988 Weight Resistance Chart

Weight PlateFront PressButterflyLow PulleyLat Pull


Finally, the system’s value pile is actually non-upgradable. Adding platters to the pile will definitely confine the stability of motion. Having said that, if you still desire added weight protection, you may improvise by affixing pinhead platters outside of the stack. This is actually certainly not suggested, though, as it may trigger harm to the plates.


Achievable Exercices (Marcy MWM 988 exercise chart)

This Marcy property fitness center offers the probability to execute over 36 workouts. A few of all of them are actually explained by the workout slab on the primary ethical blog post of the device. Amongst these physical exercises, our team can count:

Possible Exercises
Upright Biceps Swirls.
Settled Arms Curls.
Attention Curls.
Preacher Curls.
Low Pulley Torso Rotations.
Abdominal muscle Pulldowns.
Triceps pressdowns.
Triceps Expansions.
Triceps Kickbacks.
Deltoid Elevates.
Stand-up Lines.
Straight Grip Breast Pushes.
Upright Grip Breast Pushes.
Soar presses.
Settled Rows.
High Cord Cross-Overs.
Lat Pulldowns.
Lower leg Kidnappings.
Leg Extensions.
Lower leg Curls.
Lower leg Adductions.
... and so on.


Maintenance and Assembly

Like most home gyms, the Marcy MWM-988 can be found in several packages, which are actually not exactly light. That’s why it’s encouraged that the gathering is actually done through two persons. Likewise, because of the multitude of parts, screws, and screws, the convocation method will certainly take at the very least numerous hrs. However, the featured guidebook possesses fairly decent schematics and also convocation instructions, so the method should not be actually also complicated.

For servicing, it is actually advised to regularly lube the manuals of the bodyweight layers and also the wheels if needed. Additionally, it is actually suggested to routinely check for loosened bolts and components, as well as re-tighten all of them if it holds true.

marcy mwm 988 150 lb stack home gym 


The Advantages

  • Marcy home gym workout routine
  • Strong building and construction, elegant framework concept;
  • Thick as well as resilient plastic upholstery, with constant extra padding for optimum comfort;
  • Froth roller extra padding on the chest press clubs as well as leg designer accessory;
  • Relatively tiny impact for a property fitness center body;
  • 6 exercise terminals, including: pec fly, breast push, reduced sheave, high pulley, curl pad and lower leg attachment;
  • Strongly heavy-duty nylon pulley-blocks along with steel ball bearings;
  • Ankle band consisted of;
  • Lat pub featured;
  • Over 36 workouts on call;
  • Quiet function, ideal equipment for home usage;
  • Little upkeep demanded;
  • Fairly quick and easy to put together.

The Disadvantages

  • The chair is non-adjustable;
  • The significance Marcy 150lb stack home gym can certainly not be actually upgraded;
  • No mid-pulley station;
  • Devices required for installation are actually not featured.



The Marcy MWM-988 is actually an entry-level house health device equipped along with a 150 pounds weight pile and 6 workout session terminals. It uses the probability to carry out much more than 36 workouts, for a complete physical body exercise. Although the body weight layers are actually not made of cast iron, the machine’s bodyweight pile is actually rather sturdy. Also, this is actually the principal cause this home gym is at the very least a few $100s less costly than a model along with a cast iron stack. In fact, this Marcy version is just one of the best budget-friendly residence health and fitness centers presently. Our team wishes our Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 Review was useful for you and now you can easily decide if you want to buy this model or look for another one (by the way, you can read another review on this page). Anyway, if you want to be in good shape, each model from our list will suit you and help to make your body look perfect!

marcy 150lb stack home gym

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