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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Rowing Machine Review

Firstly, we need to explain that the rowing equipment, also named an ergometer, is actually not a sophisticated part of workout devices. Having said that, it does have one-of-a-kind components that call for some history expertise.

The maker was developed to simulate the actions of rowers that push watercraft via water. While understanding a bar, which serves as the oar, you rest on a sliding seat.

The 1st activity is actually a press with your lower legs far from the front end of the device.

The 2nd movement uses a pulling activity, first along with the primary and afterward along with the upper arms. Currently, you’re at the rear of the device.

To go back to the front, turn around the activity: extend the upper arms, at that point the body system as well as finally, deal the lower legs.

The restraint is the principal correction you may create while utilizing the rowing device. A greater damper environment will certainly offer the effect of a slower, much heavier watercraft, while a lesser restraint setting will definitely experience make the machine act like a light-weight watercraft.

And now about the device itself. The initial design from Sunny we tried back in 2014 was actually extremely standard and low-low valued equipment which not surprisingly had its own limits. So, when our team opened the package for Sunny SF-RW5515 magnetic rowing machine coming from the exact same company, our desires were actually not particularly higher. But our company needs to point out after offering it twice and placing it with its rates for a full week, it is actually formed of alright. For a beginning, it’s a magnetic device which is actually a large advantage over the standard hydraulic models we see within this price bracket.

sunny health & fitness sf rw5515 magnetic rowing machine

The posture of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 rowing machine is pretty good. Our team has actually absolutely rested on far better chairs, however, it does a finances rower, plus a thin foam pillow will make it manageable if you really battle with it. The footrests of the Sunny SF-RW5515 rower machine are up to the project of keeping your shoes firmly in position while rowing – although our company’s advise de-fuzzing the velcro regularly as absolutely nothing wrecks a good session greater than your feet arriving loose. As discussed previously, this is actually a magnetic rower which suggests it uses magnetics put over a balance wheel to resist the pull on the manages. One of the perks of a magnetic model is actually that it is actually quieter than an air device and smoother than a hydraulic. However, while the device is actually pretty quiet, the chair performs squeak a little bit of on the beam as the rollers do adhere a little bit of. This should not be actually a main reason certainly not to purchase by itself as well as can quickly be masked along with popular music – specifically if you utilize an iPod.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 rowing machine has eight various degrees of challenge which could be decided on utilizing the handle beneath the display. Extra expensive rowing machines may do this immediately with pre-set systems for based upon your job price utilizing your pulse, however along with a budget version you need to quit as well as change the environment your own self. The difference in between the greatest and also most competitive settings allow good enough to provide a good variety of workout sessions – yet satisfy keep in mind, it is actually a misconception that the highest levels obtain the most ideal end results. Commonly the mid-level protection provides the very best cardio-vascular perks as you can paddle at a higher stroke cost as well as maintain your pulse in the ideal heart rate region.


Feature System of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

For finances equipment this possesses an affordable screen and console. The Liquid Crystal Displays screen is actually an excellent dimension and is easily read when working out. It shows the general records needed to track your improvement such as time paddled, stroke matter, and also determined fats made use of per exercise. Having said that, it doesn’t show distance so you will not be able to do time trials which is actually a wonderful way to view how you’re enhancing.

It carries out possess a scan mode so it changes the show mode every 6 secs.

sunny health & fitness magnetic rowing machine with lcd monitor by sf-rw5515

Summary for Sunny sf-rw5515:

If you’re searching for practical equipment for around $300 then this suits the costs. It will definitely succeed no prizes for its own appearances as well as components yet at that point it is actually less than a 3rd of the price of machines that do. Our team do not presume it might manage various consumers along with frequent as well as long instruction sessions, but you get what you purchase and for the normal user it need to fall to the project.



  • Display/ display is user-friendly
  • Possesses 8 protection degrees
  • Transportation tires good for relocating
  • Easy to put together
  • Easy to fold up after make use of


  • Shape premium is actually ok but don’t press it too hard
  • Short service warranty period (also on the frame).
  • Noisy slide system on beam of light.
  • Seat is actually rather difficult – may require a pillow.

Final word

In case you need more info, just tap rowing machine reddit on the Net and read the reviews of the users. We hope our sunny health and fitness reviews helped you a lot and we can say that this device is one of the best ones in this category! So now you can decide which one you need. If you decide to buy this one, you can easily find any manual for it on the Internet in order to get to know how to use this kind of machine.



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