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Top review on Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Weight Bench

Weight benches are some of the simplest, however best workout session tools that you may obtain for your residence gym to use it at home. Depending on their structure as well as various other extras, they may assist you develop essentially groups of muscular tissues. However as a whole, a weight bench is an exceptional choice for instruction your core and also arms.

One of the absolute most inexpensive weight benches (according to our gold gym xrs 20 review) that you can easily discover right now, which also includes a curl pad and also a leg development add-on is the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 olympic weight bench.

Technical Features and Characteristics of gold gym xrs 20 workout routine.

  1. Seat sizes when it’s assembled: 72L x 26W x 22H inches (183L x 66W x 56H centimeters)
  2. Rack assembled sizes: 32L x 48W x 64H inches (81L x 122W x 162H centimeters).
  3. Total weight when assembled: 128 lbs (58 kilograms).
  4. Shelf body weight capability: 300 pounds (136 kilograms).
  5. Bench weight capability: 600 pounds (272 kilograms).
  6. Possible workouts: 10+.
  7. Service warranty: 90 days

To stay clear of any type of complications, the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 olympic workout bench with squat rack includes a modifiable weight bench, along with a lower leg growth attachment and also a crinkle pad, but likewise comes with a squats wrench, along with security bars for upper body physical exercises. The entire set does not include a dumbbell, dumbbell bars or body weight plates.

gold's gym xrs 20 olympic workout bench with squat rack

Squats wrench

One of the most significant component regarding the squats rack that should be actually given emphasis here, is actually that it is made for Olympic 7′ bars. The distance in between the upright posts of the rack is actually 41.5 ″ (105 cm) on the within, and approximately 48 ″ (122 cm) outside. This tells us that a Standard 6′ bar is not suited for it, and its own weight layer corks would certainly fall on top, or in between the upright posts of the shelf. Likewise, even though a 6′ bar will go beyond the upright post, there’s will not be actually too much open space remaining for its own sleeves to load it with a number of platters. So, as a small verdict, it’s absolutely better to choose a 7′ Olympic bar for this shelf and bench.

The crouches shelf going along with the Golds Gym xrs 20 does not possess a very sizable impact. It’s 32″ (81 centimeters) long, and 48″ (122 centimeters) large, as well as when it concerns the space needed for its usage alone, you will not require so much more than that, possibly one additional foot. You can regulate upright posts because they are adjustable though, featuring 9 correction gaps with approximately 3″ (7.6 cm) in between them. The maximum height of the bars is actually 64″ (162 centimeters).

The shelf features pair of 9.5 ″ (24 centimeters) catch bars, with 4 possible attachment variants each. Likewise, it has pair of secures for weight layer storage, along with 1″ regular thickness go actually with the set. The fixes connect to the shelf at the back. Obviously, the frame of the crouches rack is actually made from steel tubing, coated along with deterioration resisting paint. It is actually durable enough to reinforce body weights approximately 300 pounds (136 kg).


The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 olympic workout bench primary element is actually the weight seat (bench in other words). Its own frame is created from the same steel tubing as the squats wrench, colored with gray, corrosion resisting coating. It includes durable upholstery, created if artificial product, with approximately 3″ (7.6 cm) of padding, offering all the convenience required for the available workouts. Obviously, it’s an adjustable body weight bench offering several openings, including slope, straight and decline. Its optimum incline position puts the back rest at a viewpoint of approximately 70°, while the only downtrend position sets it approximately 5° under 180°. This Gold’s Gym weight bench is actually very strong, having the capacity to reinforce an overall body weight of 600 pounds (272 kilograms), or differently placed, a max of 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of individual weight, and also 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of functional weight.

When it concerns dimensions, the seat is 72 ″ (183 centimeters) long, and also stands up approximately 22″ (56 centimeters) high, when adjusted in straight posture. It’s size measures are 26″ (66 centimeters), being actually wide enough to give the demanded comfort as well as reliability for all workouts. Likewise, considering that it stands 22″ above the flooring level, shorter consumers, under 5′ may think it a little bit difficult to contact the floor when carrying out horizontal pushes. However, as a standard concept, the seat will be suitable for customers of all heights and they will feel comfortable. The seat includes 2 primary attachments: preacher bench pad, as well as lower leg growth add-on.

gold's gym xrs 20 olympic workout bench

Preacher bench pad

This exercise terminal is obviously created for preacher swirls. It includes the very same furniture as the bench, and also it’s set at a slant of approximately 30°. The angle of the preacher pad is actually non-adjustable. However its own upright post possesses 3 possibilities to change height position.

A rounded bar (or even crinkle yoke) for preacher buckle workout sessions is actually supplied with the package. This bar is rather simple, featuring easy grips. Both the pad and curl yoke are actually removable.

Leg advancement accessory

This gold gym weight bench offers the opportunity to conduct each leg expansions and leg swirls. It’s actually the thing which has the weight add-on for the rounded bar too. This fix is actually 1” thick made for standard weight layers. Nonetheless, the set likewise includes an adapter for it, which in fact offers the 2″ density required for Olympic weight plates. Evidently, this part is likewise easily-removed, similar to the preacher pad.

The lower leg accessory includes three collections of cushioned rollers, to supply the conventional comfort for lower leg expansions as well as curls. The cushioning on all of them is actually made of rubber foam material.

The body weight limitation of the leg accessory is actually 300 pounds (136 kg).

Gold’s Gym xrs 20 exercises with golds gym weight bench.

The major workouts that could be executed using this gold’s gym xrs 20 olympic workout rack are actually:

  • Seat push
  • Incline seat push
  • Decrease seat push
  • Pinhead push
  • Incline pinhead press (gold’s gym bench press)
  • Decrease pinhead press (golds gym bench press)
  • Preacher buckle
  • One-handed preacher curl
  • Lower leg buckle.
  • Lower leg extension
  • Squat

Having said that, considering that the lateral blog posts of the squats rack expand 64 ″ (162 cm) upwards, through placing an Olympic or even Typical bar on top of these messages, you should also be able to perform pull-ups as well as chin-ups. Naturally, for these exercises you are going to need to keep your knees angled.

golds gym xrs20 weight bench

Assembly and Routine maintenance

Although the setting up of the certain exercise devices might take up to pair of hrs, the process is quite direct. The hand-operated provided offers complete direction for each assembly step. However, the devices required for setting up are not offered. You are going to be actually needing two changeable wrenches, one basic screwdriver, as well as one Phillips screwdriver.

Maintenance needs the routine examination of the tools’s joints, and also re-tightening the bolts and freaks if it holds true. Additionally, if the mobile phone junction of the buckle/ extension add-on begins to squeal, a little lube ought to address the issue.


  • Strong building and construction for both rack as well as seat;
  • Minister pad included;
  • Leg accessory terminal for lower leg waves and lower leg expansions consisted of;
  • Flexible squat rack included;
  • Thick and pleasant furniture unemployed and preacher pad;
  • Modifiable seat, using the possibility to carry out slope, straight and decline workouts;
  • Operational body weight capacity of 300 pounds for both the rack and also leg add-on;
  • The seat on its own can hold up a total value (individual plus values) of 600 pounds;
  • Reasonably very easy to construct;
  • Little upkeep needed;


  • Barbell certainly not included;
  • No safety catch pubs for squats, simply for breast push physical exercises;
  • Just one downtrend ranking for the bench, which doesn’t supply a considerable downtrend;

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Weight Bench Manual


The golds gym xrs20 weight bench is actually weight seat that possesses a squats rack, as well as also features a minister pad, as well as a leg workout session terminal. It is actually created for tool variation body weight payloads, having the capacity to stand up to 300 pounds of practical weight (shelf and crinkle pad), while the seat itself can delay to 600 lbs. It offers the possibility to conduct greater than 10 forms of exercises, for the growth of upper arms, core and also lower leg muscular tissues. And eventually, taking into consideration that it is actually readily available for lower than $200, this gold’s gym xrs 20 bench uses superb market value for the cost.

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