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Weider Total Body Works 5000 Review

The Weider Total BodyWorks 5000 is mostly a multifunctional workout seat instead of a standard house gym. It is actually an exercise maker made to utilize your body weight as the principal resistance component, yet you can also include resistance to it using several bungee cords. Although this particular device is an older one, it still gets a lot of 5-star customer reviews every day, from individuals all over the globe. And, also, it is simply due to the fact that it provides superb worth for the price.

The Total Body Works 5000 is actually identical to the newer model, the Weider Ultimate Physical Body Works. The major distinction between the two is actually the color.

To steer clear of any confusion pertaining to the identification of the product, before we proceed with the discussion of its own attributes, benefits, and drawbacks, there is actually one fact to be made clear. This is the Weider WEBE1441 version variety. And it is the best Weider Total Bodyworks 5000 workout guide.


Technical Particulars as well as Characteristics

  1. Constructed dimensions: 79L x 26.5 W x 48H inches (201 x 67 x 122 centimeters).
  2. Put together bodyweight: 79 pounds (35 kilograms).
  3. Maximum. customer body weight: 250 pounds (113.3 kg).
  4. Possible exercises: 70+.
  5. Bodyweight protection device: Bungee cables.
  6. Manufacturer’s warranty: 90 days parts/ 90 times work.

Border building and components

This Weider home gym body has a 2-piece structure, made typically of steel tubes. The low part of the framework slides right into the upper component, and they are repaired with each other through a pull-knob. The top part features a chrome coating, while the lower part, along with the footplate, handlebar and incline modification leg, features a black paint coating. Each kind of coating is corrosion resistant as well as blemish resistant.

When fully put together, the Weider Ultimate Body Works 5000 is not extremely massive and heavy. Its weight is approximately 79 pounds (35 kg) and also anybody ought to have the ability to fold it, adjust it, or even move it. It takes quite a bit of area though, especially length-wise. It can expand up to 79″ (201 centimeters) in span, and also is approximately 26.5″ (67 centimeters) large. Nevertheless, as it was actually mentioned before, the frame features a folding design. In other words, you can easily uncover the structure pin, slide all the low frame completely up into the leading frame, fold up the slope modification leg into the total horizontal position, as well as take out the footplate and also the handlebar add-on. By doing this, the equipment ends up being approximately 59″ (150 centimeters), as well as approximately 6″ (15 centimeters) thin. It may additionally be stashed vertically, against a wall structure, or even you can easily move it under the bed.

The seat on its own is actually 45″ (114 centimeters long) and also approximately 13″ broad. It supplies enough area to position yourself effectively, depending on your elevation, if you want to have the capacity to perform physical exercises correctly. Differently put, the machine may fit users approximately 6’3″ (190 centimeters) without any problems. Taller individuals must likewise have the ability to utilize it adequately for at least a lot of workouts, generally the ones that don’t include the entire height of the user, such as stooping triceps extensions, or stooping arms swirls.

weider total body works 5000


The seat features approximately 2″ (5 centimeters) of stuffing, supplying all the convenience needed for an exercise seat. Cushioning is actually crafted from a dense vinyl component, truly long-lasting, helped made to be in a good condition for years of use. The bench soars on a set of rollers incorporating industrial high-quality ball bearings.

When it comes to the various other parts of the equipment, there are very many elements to point out. Firstly, the pulleys are constructed from a mixture of steel and also nylon material, likewise really sturdy parts. Equally as the seat’s rollers, they’re made with durable ball bearings for long term use. The cables are actually army standard steel ropes, covered through a sheet of PVC. It goes without saying, they can easily stand up to much more stress than the maximum user weight of the equipment. The wing accessory of the equipment, or even “the handlebar”, integrates thick foam pads for the optimum comfort of the ankle joints during crunches for example. The footplate for squats as well as leg presses is basically a straightforward steel platter accessory. Both footplate and also handlebar is in fact quickly removable.

One final part to discuss the Weider Total Body Works 5000 is its user bodyweight ability. The producer specifies a 250 pounds (113 kilograms) max user weight capacity for this device. Having said that, the structure features actually durable construction, as well as a lot of consumers with greater body weight have actually reported to have been actually using it without any trouble for years. Therefore, although the maximum indicated bodyweight ability of the maker is actually 250 pounds, it must be able to suit to the customers who are 20-30 pounds bigger with no issue.


Protection (Resistance) System

There are actually 3 main aspects associated with the device’s protection system: your very own body weight, the 4 bungee cords, and the slope lower leg. Seemingly, because you can just workout on an inclined plane for even more resistance, you will not be actually elevating your entire body weight, however, only a section of it, as gravity will certainly “eliminate” the other section. However, differently placed, the maximum protection that this Weider house health and fitness center may create is approximately 55% of your body weight, plus 50 pounds (22.6 kg) of resistance incorporated by the 4 bungee cords (each wire will certainly incorporate approximately 12 pounds of resistance).

The adjustment lower leg of the device has 7 positions and allows you to modify the perspective of the soaring panel, incorporating or lessening protection. The optimum incline of the workbench is 45°.

If you want to know, the bungee cables of this Weider machine are actually not implied to become replaced, due to the fact that they are actually made for a particular specification, and deliver conventional protection. However, their replacement is actually achievable, if you may discover and/or adapt comparable cords to the equipment.

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Possible Workouts

 This equipment offers the possibility to carry out much more than 70 gym-quality physical Weider Total Bodyworks 5000 exercises. Several of all of them are: the kneeling row exercise, the prone chest press, resisted abdominal crunch for your abs, the toes out squat, etc.

Shoulder ExercisesChest Exercises
Upright rows with leg curlsClose grip chest presses
Upright rowsWide grip chest presses
Front deltoid raisesIncline chest flies
Shoulder pressesChest presses
Upright rows with hyperextensionIncline push-ups
Lateral deltoid raisesChest flies
Lying front deltoid raisesLateral chest flies
Front deltoid raises with leg curlsDecline chest flies
Wide grip front deltoid raisesPullovers
Shoulder extension with hyperextensionPullovers with squats
Shoulder extensionsPullovers with twisting crunch
Front deltoid raise with supination gripsPullovers with crunches
Shoulder extension with leg curls
Lateral arm pulls


Arm ExercisesAbdominal Exercises
Biceps curlsCrunches
Lateral single-arm biceps curlsTrunk rotations
Biceps curls with leg curlsCrunches with leg curls
Lying biceps curlsResisted crunches
Kneeling triceps extensionsSide planks
Chin-upsHigh leg pull-ins
Biceps curls with hyperextensionsInclined crunches
Biceps curls with crunchesSit-ups with feet attached
Triceps extensionsLow leg pull-ins
Prone triceps extensions
Lateral single-arm triceps extensions


Back ExercisesLeg Exercises
Pull-upsLeg curls
Prone back fliesReverse leg curls
Back fliesCalf raises
Back flies with leg curlsSquats
Lateral pulldowns with squatsFront lunges
Crossover rowingWide squats
HyperextensionsSingle-leg squats
Lateral pulldownsJumping squats
Aerobic rowingKneeling single-leg squats
Kneeling rowingTwisting squats
Hip extensions
Hip abductions
Hip adductions

The device is not made for standard leg exercises, as you would do on a residence Weider total gym 5000 devices with a leg add-on. Likewise, some of the exercises on the list over are actually conducted differently than you will do all of them on a gym device with weight plates. As an example, so as to perform leg curls, you will definitely be located back on the move panel (along with or even without a slope adjustment), place your shoes responsible for the foam pads on the airfoil attachment (or even handlebar), as well as crinkle your lower legs with knees up, also drawing your physical body forward (or even upwards, if you make use of an incline setting).

You may additionally utilize this device as a workbench, for dumbbell upper body pushes. Yet in this situation, make sure your very own bodyweight plus the pinheads’ overall body weight will not exceed 270-280 pounds.


Maintenance and Assembly

 The device comes nearly totally assembled. Both frame pieces are attached together and the coasting board, pulleys and also skew leg are additionally attached to the main framework. All you’ll need to add actually the footplate as well as the wing attachment (or even handlebar). This task should take no longer than twenty min. The proprietors hand-operated offered along with the equipment offers fairly clear guidelines for the construct. Tools are not offered though, so you’ll require a Phillips screwdriver as well as a modifiable wrench.

For routine maintenance, you must inspect the Weider 5000’s joints periodically and re-tighten all of them if it holds true. Also, the main bars of the structure onto which the panel slides should be actually always kept without any sort of gunk, sand or even items that may ruin the curlers. And eventually, if the pulley-blocks come to be squeaky, a bit of oiling must fix the issue.

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The Advantages

  • The strong framework, having the capacity to actually support 20-30 lbs much heavier customers than the specified (250 pounds) capability;
  • Space-saving, folding concept;
  • Durable, strong vinyl fabric surface unemployed, and also 2″ padding;
  • Versatile equipment, giving the probability to conduct greater than 70 Weider Total Body Works 5000 exercises chart;
  • Outstanding for both strength as well as cardio instruction;
  • Can be made use of for prone dumbbell media at the same time;
  • The peaceful procedure, suitable for apartment use;
  • A little bit of upkeep demanded;
  • Easy to assemble.

 The Disadvantages

  • Takes a fair bit of space, duration sensible;
  • Restricted weight protection– except hardcore weight lifters;
  • No total workout resource– just a couple of workouts pointed out on package.



Although the Weider Total Body Works 5000 is a fitness device that has actually been around for quite a few years, it still remains to receive a wide quantity of favorable reviews from users all around the globe. It is actually a strong and also flexible device, offering the possibility to do a considerable selection of workouts, ideal for muscle toning, stamina and also toughness structure, and also aerobic instruction. As well as ultimately, looking at the volume of achievable exercises that it gives as well as the fact that it is actually presently offered for less than $200, our company may carefully say it offers exceptional worth for the price.

weider total body works 5000

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