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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider fitness can give you a variety of physical fitness equipment, featuring home health clubs, bodyweight benches, and also free weights. However, several of their highest-ranked items are actually the body-weight based seats. And if you want to know about the best one, it is actually the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

This certain design is actually fairly comparable to the older one, the Weider Overall Total Body Works 5000. In fact, there aren’t a lot of distinctions between these two models except for the different colors and also the type of upper material.

In this top review, you will know everything about the Weider Ultimate Body Works, in short, the design under the code WEBE15911.0. This specific health and fitness device has the option to do more than 70 exercises. It’s also has a price under $200, as well as it’s actually equipment that may replace free weights and various other exercise equipment’s as much as a certain magnitude.


Technical Points and Characteristics:

  1. Measurements when assembled: 79L x 28W x 48H inches (201 x 71 x 122 centimeters).
  2. Weight when assembled: 79 pounds (35 kg);
  3. Max. consumer weight: 250 pounds (113.3 kilograms);
  4. Achievable workouts: 70+;
  5. Weight resistance system: Bungee cords;
  6. Guarantee: for parts – 90 days/ for labor – 90 days;

printable weider ultimate body works exercises

Mount building and construction parts

The majority of the equipment’s frame is made of steel tubing, featuring pretty a strong building. This particular design is actually measured for 250 pounds (113.3 kilograms) of customer bodyweight, nonetheless, it is actually sturdy enough to sustain consumers who are 20-30 pounds larger.

The framework features a pair of main pieces: the top structure and also the bottom frame. The bottom framework inserts into the leading framework and also is gotten through a knob. Obviously, given that it is actually crafted from two parts, you can readjust its span. As a matter of fact, the maker is actually collapsible. You can move the bottom frame right into the leading framework all the way, take out the handlebars and footplate, as well as latch the sloping leg in a parallel position, to basically continue to be with the seat and an extremely reduced structure. By doing this you can easily store it up and down against a wall surface, or under your bed.

When entirely prolonged, the Weider BodyWorks possesses a length of approximately 79″ (201 centimeters). Differently placed, it ought to fit customers around 6’3″ without any problems for all the exercises. Even taller consumers have a chance to utilize the device, however, with a little bit of adjustment on some Weider ultimate body works exercises chart. When entirely folded, the structure is actually 59″ (150 centimeters) long. Also, the size of the machine is approximately 28″ (71 centimeters). So, in other words, it will definitely take some space. It is for sure not a very small device. Nonetheless, meanwhile, it’s certainly not so hefty. When completely assembled its own weight is 79 pounds (35 kilograms), and, of course, any individual must be able to fold it or relocate for storage space.

The machine includes a cylindrical simple basis, along with plastic hats. Its dimension gives enough security for all physical exercises, you do not have to position it on a mat.


The Weider ultimate body works bench (or sliding board) features a constant 2″ stuffing, providing exceptional convenience, while the furniture is actually made of thick, resilient-vinyl products. Just in case you’re asking yourself, the gliding panel is actually 13″ (thirty-three centimeters) wide, and approximately 45″ (114 centimeters) long. It includes a set of 4 curlers and also glides over the surface of the frame, supplying the possibility to carry out a selection of workouts that entail your very own body system weight. The rollers integrate strong, covered reception bearings, which make all of them strongly sturdy and durable.


This Weider bench merely includes 2 wheels, connected to the top edge of the equipment. They are actually crafted from a combination of sturdy plastic and also steel, additionally incorporating industrial premium reception bearings. They can easily rotate 360° on their eyebolts, which suggests they are going to readjust settings according to your physical exercise.

The cables are actually armed forces stamina steel ropes, covered in PVC pieces. They are actually very sturdy and can easily hold far more weight than the maximum specified individual body weight. They are equipped with single grip manages, covered in rubber froth product for a pleasant hold.

weider total gym

Resistance system

The Weider Ultimate Body Works includes a weight resistance feature based on the consumer’s body system weight. Really, the maker may supply a max resistance equal to approximately 55% of the individual’s weight, plus an extra of fifty pounds of protection which may be incorporated through the 4 bungee cords attached to the lower part of the seat. You can incorporate protection to your workouts through connecting one or more bungee cables to the lesser portion of the frame. By doing this it will definitely be actually more difficult to bring up your body system weight, leading to a more constant workout.

Additionally, the bench features an incline jurist with 7 modification settings. By enhancing or minimizing the slope for different workouts, you may additionally increase or reduce the bodyweight protection. Seemingly, the greatest protection degree is actually achieved when bench is actually set to the greatest slope posture.

When it comes to the resistance cords, it is essential to recognize that the farthest you extend them, the even more protection you’ll receive. The protection cables may be changed if you locate any with the exact same specifications as well as hooks, yet with greater protection. Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly suggested.

One final part to become discussed below is really a solution to a concern that lots of folks ask concerning this equipment: “Can you build muscle with the Weider Ultimate Body Works And Phrases?” The answer is “Yes”. Having said that, if you have an interest in a large boost in muscle mass, you’ll absolutely need to utilize timeless free weights and/or a fitness center equipment. The Weider body works will certainly help you create muscles as much as a certain magnitude. However given that they can certainly not give more weight resistance than your very own weight, the results that could be obtained are additionally limited. So, as a little bit of conclusion below, this machine is actually produced muscle toning as well as aerobic instruction.


Installation and also Maintenance

Many marts if the device comes presently assembled. The major pair of parts of the structure happened currently linked, with the sliding panel likewise affixed. You essentially need to incorporate the bottom of the slope lower leg, the footplate, and the handlebar. The whole set up shouldn’t take a lot of time, about twenty mins. The box has a handbook which supplies very clear set up directions. Having said that, for setting up you’ll require your personal modifiable wrench and also a Phillips screwdriver.

Even though there is actually no servicing pointed out for this maker, there are numerous elements that you might desire to look at. First off, due to the fact that the bench soars on curlers, onto the frame, it is actually ideal to inspect their circumstances every so often, as well as get rid of any kind of filth that might get on benches, to stop any harm to these curlers. Additionally, in the event the wheels begin to screech, a little greasing ought to solve the concern.

The Advantages 

  • The strong framework, having the capacity to really sustain 20-30 pounds bigger individuals than the indicated (250 pounds) capability;
  • Strong, strong vinyl fabric appearance on the bench, and also 2 ″ cushioning;
  • Collapsable design;
  • Versatile maker, giving the probability to execute greater than 70 physical exercises;
  • Outstanding for both toughness and also cardio instruction;
  • Could be utilized for prone dumbbell press also;
  • Little upkeep called for;
  • Quiet procedure;
  • Easy to set up;

The Disadvantages

  • Minimal bodyweight protection– except hardcore weight lifters;
  • No comprehensive workout resource– merely a handful of exercises indicated on the package;
  • Takes quite a bit of area, length smart.


The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a superb residence fitness maker, for muscle toning, muscle durability and also strength property, fat loss, and cardio instruction. It delivers the option to conduct greater than 70 workouts. It features a tough structure along with a folding concept, combining a squats plate as well as a handlebar for problems. Its bench features a soaring design, sustaining bodyweight resistance exercises, with the possibility to add 50 lbs of bungee cable protection. In conclusion, due to the fact that it’s a very versatile maker, and prices lower than $200, it uses great value and also top quality for the price, as well as absolutely stands up to the leading rankings that it has been actually given up until now.


Exercises which you can do with this machine.

There is actually fairly a selection of workouts delivered by this equipment. Actually, you can easily carry out more than 70 physical exercises. Several of one of the most popular are:

Arm ExercisesShoulder ExercisesAbdominal Exercises
Biceps curls with leg curlsWide grip front deltoid raisesCrunches
Biceps curls with hyperextensionsUpright rows with hyperextensionCrunches with leg curls
Biceps curlsUpright rows with leg curlsInclined crunches
Biceps curls with crunchesLateral arm pullsSide planks
Kneeling triceps extensionsFront deltoid raisesTrunk rotations
Triceps extensionsShoulder extensionsHigh leg pull-ins
Lying biceps curlsShoulder pressesLow leg pull-ins
Lateral single-arm biceps curlsShoulder extension with leg curlsResisted crunches
Chin-upsFront deltoid raise with supination gripsSit-ups with feet attached
Front deltoid raises with leg curls
Shoulder extension with hyperextension
Upright rows
Lateral deltoid raises
Lying front deltoid raises


CHEST ExercisesBACK ExercisesLEG Exercises
PulloversBack fliesSquats
Pullovers with twisting crunchProne back fliesTwisting squats
Pullovers with crunchesCrossover rowingKneeling single-leg squats
Pullovers with squatsLateral pulldownsWide squats
Chest pressesLateral pulldowns with squatsSingle-leg squats
Close grip chest pressesPull-upsJumping squats
Wide grip chest pressesAerobic rowingLeg curls
Chest fliesKneeling rowingReverse leg curls
Lateral chest fliesBack flies with leg curlsCalf raises
Decline chest fliesHyperextensionsHip adductions
Incline chest fliesHip extensions
Incline push-upsHip abductions
Front lunges


This Weider total gym is not created for executing lower leg exercises. Nonetheless, you can use it as a traditional seat for slope dumbbell chest pushes. You can also look for Weider ultimate body works exercise manual in order to get to know how to use this device. Obviously, within this case you’ll need to be sure that your own body weight plus the weight of the pinheads you will certainly be actually utilizing will not exceed 300 pounds, to stop any type of damage to the device.

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